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Day 1[edit]

At the start, Geez will arrive and give you a pack of rock samples. However, he can't remember where. He will randomly be at O'Riordan's pub later, but you can get some basic information if you ask him about the Donkey; it is not wanting to approach the crater to the south-west.

These samples are radioactive, and hot. If you ask Biff to pass you the red sample, he will drop it, causing parts of the room to catch fire (which you have to extinguish in an arcade sequence).

The best course of action is to measure the samples for radiation, then submit them to the government lab. You will receive the results within two days.

Whether you answered the phone or let Biff do so, you will learn that both Lamont and Dr. Wells want to see you. You need to call Lamont if you wish to visit him.

You can meet Jeez at O'Riordan's and if you buy him a soda, he will tell you that he finds the samples SW of the Quarry. You won't find Jeez every time.

You can head to the Quarry to learn about the meteor and J.D.'s farm and that Lamont will interview Buck and Wilbur tomorrow.

There are two known ant attacks today, and you can intercept them to get evidence of the ants; both a leg and some fluid. They are at the SW Volcanic Cone (which the donkey refuses to approach), and J.D.'s farm (where there is a mutilated cow). If you are quick enough, you can bring them to Dr. Wells before 6 PM, and the results will be ready tomorrow; if not, you can visit him the other day.

After 6 PM Dusty comes at O'Riordan's and tells you about Mr. Redeemer's daughter.

When you meet Bret Lamont, he will initially try to have you deliver a package; actually you can't do anything with it. After introducing yourself, he will mention that he will be at the Quarry tomorrow at 10 AM (if you deny his invitation, you won't be able to be present at the interview with the workers).

At the town you will meet a random farmer and your neighbor Ben, who mentions about going to a hike at the SW cone.

Day 2[edit]

The gossip of Day 2 will be the lights out around pump house three. The weather will be mild

At 8:00 AM, Jackie will arrive at your door asking for help. You can go with Jackie to investigate the crash scene to collect evidence of the ants, as well as to fight off an ant patrol. Jackie will either ask you to take her to Neptunian Hall, but if she sees you fighting the ant, she will ask to stay your home. If she stays home, Dusty will not be happy about it.

If you follow the sequence with Jackie you will waste some time and you may miss your meeting with Bret Lamont at 10 AM, so perhaps you would leave for the Quarry ASAP.

At 10:00 AM, you can meet with Lamont at the Quarry. On your way there, you will be dared with Ice and the Hellcats. You must swerve their car off the road and Ice will challenge you at Beverly's Drive-In. During the interview you can ask Bret about that box, and he will provoke you into a knife fight.

You can go to the Ore Plant and you will be allowed to investigate the mines. The miners will mention strange things seen or heard. On Mine 1 you will have another encounter

On the main street, you may find a watchman who will mention the strange noises around the pump house. If you go there (to the far north of the map), someone will tell you that they uncovered an Indian cemetery and a dog was barking at something. However it's improbable that you will be able to follow this subplot, as the night will fall by then, if you have followed the instructions above.

At any time you can visit the pub for some gossip (they consider the meteor a sign that something important will happen)

After 6:00 PM you can meet the Hellcats at Beverly's Drive-In and will engage in another knife-fight.

Day 3[edit]

Ben will knock your door around 9:00 AM and bring you some ant piece. If Jackie is home with you, she will comment whether this is related to the disappearance of her friend, Suzie. Note that Ben's evidence will be useless if you have provided all previous evidence to Dr. Wells.

There is nothing else mandatory happening today, other than visiting Dr. Wells and harvesting some gossip. Most have to do with strange things concerning the pipeline and the Ore Mine. If you have fought with Lamont, he won't talk to you. Wilbur will mention a strange sound while in the Neptune hall you will see some trouble between Jackie and her father.

You can visit the Ore Mine where you will meet some trouble at M1 and at Cook's farm. You will notice that the ants will be more quick and difficult than the earlier ones. At the town you can meet Geez telling that he is going to collect more samples for you.

Day 4[edit]

In the morning you receive the results from the rock examination from Day 1. One of Louie's pilots saw something strange. A reporter is missing in the mines and a wrecked car (with a recording) was found on the Highway. The weather is 65 and rainy.

go to the SW Cone, and find an ant track to make a plaster cast of it. Go to the Police Station where they will give you a recording of some ant sounds. At the town you can meet Geez who will tell you that he sent some evidence to Dr. Wells.

Go to the lab and give your evidence to Dr. Wells for analysis, who will also comment on Geez's find.

You can phone home and Biff will tell you that the results from the lab arrived; and if Jackie is home he will tell you about her 'problem'. Go home to read it. Jackie will hit on you; if you accept her offer you will end up in the hospital. Either way she will leave you.

There are problems at Mine M-1 where you can go and fight some ants.

Day 5[edit]

There is some tumult about a dead woman found at Neptune Hall. If you go there you can find a sample of fluid. Alternatively you will also find fluid at the Quarry.

Go to Dr. Wells and he will give you the final report(s) of your evidence. If everything went right, bring them to the mayor who will give you emergency authority on the town; and he will leave.

Day 6[edit]

You can meet Billy Bob at the Neptune Hall who will tell you that the body was Suzie's. Asking about Jackie, he will provoke you. If you win him, Jackie will come to your hug. Go back home and Jackie will thank you and will leave. If she was staying with you, now Dusty will forgive you and resume keeping you informed about the local gossip.

You can investigate at the mine and enter the collapsed tunnel to learn that the area has been isolated from the rest of the world.

Day 7[edit]

Today everyone will notice that all is too quiet.

You can go to Filbers Field and get a recording by a pilot