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Field 1-1[edit]

Kick the fire hydrant to find invincibility
Kick the sign to find a bonus stage
  • After kicking your partner in front of the lamp post, be sure to kick both the left and right sides of the fences to reveal coins. In the four block column, the highest block has some fries, but the second block up has poo in it. When you see the lamp post, kick the fountain and the fence for more coins, then use the lamp post trick described in the Walkthrough to try to earn an extra life.
  • Before you kick the bathroom door and enter it, kick the right gender sign for another coin. Then head inside to restore your health. Back outside, continue to the fire hydrant, and kick it to start the water flow. When it comes back down jump on and ride it to the top of the screen. Your partner will bestow limited invincibility on you.
  • However, if you want to utilize the bonus stage, as soon as you return, run to the stop sign, and kick the square in the middle of the pole. An elevator will come down to pick you up and transport you to the first bonus stage. Follow your partner as you hop along the clouds to collect the items he throws down to you.
  • When you land (or if you continue running), you will reach the park. If you kick them, some of the trees will have coins or fruit. Others will have poo. Watch out for the Furspurs that float up and down. Kick your partner out of the bushes, and then run until you see the stump of a chopped down tree. Stand on the stump and kick the air over it to make a floating platform appear that will carry you over the gap.
  • Eventually, you'll approach another bathroom. The lamp post beforehand offers another opportunity for an extra life. Kick the bathroom door open and head inside to find the first slot machine. It is highly recommended that you use up all of your coins in an effort to increase your vitality meter to 20 bars. If you fail to do this, you may want to give serious consideration into starting over. Having 20 bars is extremely advantageous, and while you can easily lose them by dying, the extra life can prevent you from a premature death.

Field 1-2[edit]

Use spring board to leap over the mound
Kick the sign to make a ledge appear
  • Watch out for the flies as you kick the bases of each lamp post. Kick the space above the stump for a melon, then use the platform to cross the gap. After the next lamp post, you may wish to use the red spring to vault over the mound of dirt. The lamp post before the first bathroom contains poo, so avoid it. Head inside to visit your partner and restore your health.
  • Watch out for boulders rolling down the ledges in the next stretch, and watch out for the Poopatross above. You will encounter your partner tossing soda cans as you. Do your best to dodge them and kick the garbage can to flip your partner. After that comes the first Dork. Kick it if you can, or simply jump over it. You'll approach an elevator which will take you down to the sewers below.
  • Watch out for the Ricky Rats that fall from the ceiling. Some of the light fixtures on the wall can be kicked for coins or other items. When you reach a gap with a rectangular sign ahead of it, kick the sign to make a floating platform appear. On the other side, watch out for the flies, and the first Pizzano Family member to rush you.
  • Continue over the small platforms and beyond until you see a door made out of bars. Kick it to open it and step inside to find your partner and restore your health. Back outside, you'll quickly encounter your partner again. If you kick him, a can will drop from the ceiling and hit him in the head. You can find a coin by kicking the space between two sets of red bars. Beyond that, you will encounter a red spring before a set of three bonfires. You must jump over these carefully to avoid getting burned. The exit is just past the fires.

Field 1-3[edit]

Kick the trash can to discover the area key
Find an invisible door to recover lost health
  • This stage continues in the sewers. Jump on or over the boulders, watch out for the flies, and kick the door open to visit your partner and restore your health (which shouldn't need much help this early on.) Then approach the ledge and jump from the first stationary platform to the moving one. If you're going at full speed, you shouldn't have any trouble landing. Then jump to the next stationary platform and on to your partner throwing soda cans. If you kick him, four kettles will drop, and one is bound to hit your head and hurt you.
  • The background turns red, and two low flying Poopatrosses come toward you. Kick the electrical box before the first fire for a coin, then carefully leap over the set of three fires. The background will turn gray again. Jump from one moving platform to the next, and watch out for the falling boulders on the other side. Kick the electrical box for a melon, and then kick the door to find another slot machine.
  • After one Pizzano Family guy runs past, prepare for a tricky combination of leaps over three very small platforms. Timing here must be very precise or you will fall. You need speed, but if you go too fast and run at top speed, you will overshoot the platforms. On the other side is a very important trashcan: kick it and you will find the key to the boss at the end of Stage 1-4. Be very careful after you collect it, however. A Nessy is hiding in the gap just beyond the trashcan, and he only pops up when you get close to the edge.
  • After jumping up some steps, kick the sign before the large gap to make a moving platform appear. Use it to jump on to the next two moving platforms. After you land, you will notice that the background pattern on the wall changes, and you may see your partner to the right. Kick the wall at the end of the bricks to make an invisible door appear. Step inside to restore your health.
  • After some more obstacles, you will reach a large set of small platforms. You can attempt to slowly jump from one platform to the next, or make big leaps to jump over every other platform. Beware when you reach the last platform (with a burger above it), a Nessy will appear from the gap. After it ducks down, continue on. You will find a series of four longer platforms. Though they are easier to jump across, the last platform has a nasty surprise: when you jump on it, it will begin to drop. Hop off of it quickly and continue to the next stage.

Field 1-4[edit]

Kick away these blocks to discover a warp zone
  • Kick the first trashcan for a coin, and then jump over the rat. Prepare to jump over a set of very narrow platforms. You are best off coming to a complete stop, and very carefully jumping from one to the other. If anything is likely to hurt you in this task, it will be your momentum, so don't charge ahead too fast. Beyond this section, the wall turns gray. Kick the electrical box for another coin, and kick the door to find your partner and restore your health.
  • After two flies and two rats, your partner will be chucking soda cans at you. If you kick him, four boulders will fall and likely hurt you. Cross over the platforms (none will fall down), watch out for the bird, jump over the camp fire, and attack the Pizzano Family member who also throws soda cans at you. He throws two and then moves back a step and repeats. Kick the barred door open to find a slot machine.
  • Cross the next set of small platforms, but watch out for a Nessy when you land on the short strip of ground. Just beyond, you'll find an elevator that will take you back up to the surface. After you jump over three gaps between platforms, you'll see a set of blocks over a fourth gap. If you turn around and kick the blocks from the left, you can clear a space big enough to fall through. If you fall into the four gap, you will be launched into the air to a secret Warp Zone which will allow you to warp to Area 2, Area 3, or Area 4.
  • Kick Blockhead four times in the chest to defeat him
    Assuming you continue along, jump on the FurSpurs, and collect the fruit from the trees. Then watch out for your soda can-throwing partner. Get past him and kick the bathroom door open to find your partner once again, and have your health restored. Then jump over the mound of dirt, and over the dog. Get past the trees, and you will find a green spring board. Do not jump on the spring board unless you failed to find and collect the key from Stage 1-3. If you do not have the key, you must use the spring board to travel back to 1-3. Otherwise, ignore it entirely. (The right block in the platform over the springboard has fries.)
  • Jump from the stationary platform to the moving one, up to the third platform which will drop when you land on it. Collect the burger from the next lamp post, and kick the post for a coin. Watch out for one last boulder dropping from the sky before the sign which leads you to the boss fight.
  • None of the bosses require a lot of strategy. The name of this area's boss is Blockhead (Mofeed in Japan). You must kick him in the chest four times to defeat him. He is relatively slow, and only throws one boulder at a time. After a while, he may sometimes jump across to the opposite side of the room. Stand in front of him, but not on him or you will get hurt. Jump up and kick him and he should flash red. After you kick him four times, he will be defeated, and you will advance to the next area.