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Game flow[edit]

There are six areas and each area is broken into four stages. In order to complete the game, the player must advance through several levels in order to reach the fourth stage of the sixth area. Although there are 24 stages in total, there are various warps which can be taken by the player to both advance ahead as well as travel back to various stages. If no warps are utilized, the player must advance through each section of each area.

However, in order to complete the fourth stage of each area, a key must be discovered in a prior stage. If the key is not located, the player will be unable to advance to the end of the stage, and must use a green spring to backtrack to the stage where the key is located. If you do possess the key, you will be permitted to challenge the area boss to a fight. All boss fights are pretty much the same, where you must take on a character much larger than you who tosses boulders and jumps around the stage. You must jump up in order to successfully hit them with your kicks, and you must kick them several times before they are defeated. Then you will advance to the next area.

Stage features[edit]

Many items are hidden throughout every stage. In order to find them, you must kick the right objects, or sometimes kick empty spaces, to make the items materialize. In some cases, you will reach locations where it seems impossible to continue. Unless it happens to be the fourth stage of an area, and you are missing the key, it is always possible to advance by kicking the area nearby. Kicking the proper place will make a platform appear that will allow you to proceed. There are a few special features in stages that are neither items, nor platforms, and they are listed below

1-Up lamp posts[edit]

JJ and Jeff lamp post.png

You can kick the bottoms of many lamp posts to make coins or food appear. However, a certain number of lamp posts (and trees) are special. If you kick them just above the post, a little object will appear and slide up the pole. If you jump and kick the pole at a stand still, you will only earn 50 points. If you move a little more, you can earn hundreds, or even thousands of bonus points, reaching as high as 20,000 points. However, if you run and jump kick the lamp post at the fastest speed possible, you will actually hit the gong at the top and earn an extra life. This can be particularly difficult to do while running to the right, which makes the screen scroll. If possible, you should position the pole to the left of the screen as illustrated, and run and jump to hit it at full speed. It's still tricky to perform, but it gives you the best chance possible to earn an extra life.

Bonus stages[edit]

JJ and Jeff bonus stage.png

On a couple of stages, you may be lucky to find a location which, if kicked, will summon an elevator to collect you and transport you up to the clouds above. You will access a bonus stage, where your partner floats ahead of you in a cloud, tossing food and coins down below for you to collect. You must keep up with your partner's cloud if you wish to collect the items he throws down, and you must avoid falling through the gaps. The stage ends immediately when you fall. Eventually, you will travel far enough that the gap between you and the next cloud is too far to be traversed, and you will fall back down. When you return to the stage below, you will have advanced a good deal, regardless of how far you traveled in the bonus stage. They are a great opportunity to boost your coin count.

Slot machines[edit]

JJ and Jeff slot machine.png

When you discover a slot machine behind certain doors, you must possess coins in order to use them. Find coins by kicking various objects and spaces throughout each stage. You may use anywhere from one to five coins per turn. You must then press I button to stop each wheel. Prizes are determined by how many objects you have in a row, going from left to right. The number of coins you use will determine the outcome of your prize; multiply the values in the following table by the number of coins you used when you won. For example, if you used 3 coins and managed to get one coin in the left box, you will win 6 coins in return. A vitality prize means your health is restored by that number of bars, but a prize of health bars means you get extra bars of vitality above the usual 10, up to a maximum of 20.

JJ and Jeff enemy fly.png JJ and Jeff enemy can.png JJ and Jeff item fries.png JJ and Jeff item burger.png JJ and Jeff item bee.png JJ and Jeff item coin.png
O - - nothing nothing nothing vitality ×2 health bars ×2 coins ×2
O O - nothing vitality ×2 health bars ×2 health bars ×2 extra lives ×1 coins ×5
O O O coins ×5 extra lives ×1 extra lives ×1 extra lives ×1 extra lives ×2 coins ×10