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Field 4-1[edit]

Julio Copters are large, but easy to predict
Windjammers bounce around a lot. Jump on them to stop them
  • Dodge the first two birds, and ride the first platform down to collect the cherry before jumping off. You can kick the space above the small clouds to find coins on occasion. Jump over the two fires, and kick the garbage can for another coin. Ride the moving platform to collect the burger, then carefully jump on or over the Julio Copter, but watch out for the boulder that falls behind it. It's quickly followed by two Pizzanos, one who throws cans at you and another who runs at you. Kick the garbage can to make your partner parachute out of the sky.
  • The first platform before the next Julio Copter won't fall, but the low platform after it will. Watch out for the Stinker flies, but you can kick the space above the clouds to find more coins and items. If you fall through the space indicated by the blimp, you'll find a slot machine. Be careful when leaving the slot machine though, as you will be propelled into the air. Push left to make sure you don't go too far and miss the cloud. Both platforms, one resting on top of the other, will fall away when you step on them. Use the red springboard to boost you over to the next cloud, then kick the garbage can to get your partner to stop throwing cans.
  • Wait for the next moving platform to come down, and then jump on it to proceed. You'll encounter a Windjammer, and then you can kick the garbage can for a coin. Jump on the platform with the burger to collect it, but jump right off as it will start to fall. The next two platforms on the way to the moving platform will fall away, as well as the next three after it (watch out for the birds and the copter). Kick your partner, then jump up for the burger. You'll see a Skyler. Dodge the lightning bolts, and jump into the elevator to be taken down to the ground below.
  • Kick your partner out of the tree, then prepare to deal with two crabs, two rats, and two Lint Imps. Be very careful when you jump down to collect the burger as the platform rises and falls. Jump down when the platform is on its way up. Then watch out for the fires on the bridge as you dodge the flies. The second fire releases little flames (this is Mack and Jack). Then kick the Harry to make a platform appear. When you jump to the platform, two fish will leap out to attack you. Jump over the last two Harrys (and kick the tree for a coin) to exit the stage.

Field 4-2[edit]

Kick the space left of the fire to find a slot machine
Kick the space above this cloud to reach a bonus stage
  • The first two cloud platforms fall away. Kick your partner out from behind the bushes and jump on the crab. The first garbage can has poo. You can kick the Harry for 100 points. Then hop to the platform over the Otto and leap over the ground, stopping short of the fire. Hop on the crab between the two Harrys (the first one has a coin), then kick the tree for a coin. Hop over the next two Harrys and land on the floating platform. Remove the Lint Imp with gas, and time your jump to the sinking platform carefully. When you land on the ground ahead, kick the space to the left of the fire to find a hidden door containing a slot machine. Then jump over the fire and into the elevator to be taken back up to the sky.
  • Back up in the sky, take care of the first bird, then start running full speed as you jump up to collect the burger, traverse from one moving platform to the next, and jump to a springboard which should carry you across the gap to a small cloud ahead. Kick the space above the small cloud to reveal a coin and summon an elevator which will take you to a bonus stage. Exiting the bonus stage will advance you ahead quite a bit into the stage as well.
  • When you land, travel across the first set of clouds and collect the burger. Watch out for the two birds and the running Pizzano, then follow the blimps advice and fall down below the clouds to find your partner and regain your health. When you return, a Skyler will be waiting for you, tossing lightning down. The two stationary platforms before and after the moving platform will fall. Watch out for the Windjammers on the next cloud, and be careful dealing with the one moving between two fires. Kick the next garbage can once to make a platform appear, and again to get a coin. Jump from the next moving platform to reach the end of the stage.

Field 4-3[edit]

The second can has the key, fall to the left to warp ahead
Fall through the bottom here to receive invincibility
  • There will be a large number of Pizzanos in this stage. You'll start off running into two of them before you see a copter and a garbage can that has a coin in it. Two more Pizzanos attack from either direction along with a second copter. Three Pizzanos will rush you on the next cloud. Springboard to the next cloud with a Windjammer on it, and watch out for the fly. Two more flies appear before a fire, with two Windjammers after it. Then ride the moving platform to the next garbage can. Kick this can and you'll find the key. Furthermore, if you fall off the left side of the cloud, you will be bounced into the air and warp ahead to 4-4. This is actually one of the few advantageous single stage warps.
  • Assuming you stay in the stage, continue on and deal with the pair of Windjammers on the next cloud. As you leap to the next set of falling platforms, you may actually wish to fall through the bottom of the screen before the first platform. If you do, you'll find your partner who will grant you invincibility. Whether you get it or not, be prepared to move quickly, as the platforms will fall away. Use the springboard at full speed to launch over the burger, as the platform beneath it is very hard to recover from. Continue moving at full speed and jump off the last platform very late to make it to the next cloud beyond. If you make it, you should see your first Nes Jr. charging up to meet you. Then jump from the cloud, or use the springboard to reach the elevator which takes you back down.
  • Get past the two crabs, but don't kick the Harry, or it will throw poo at you. Run across the bridge under the two flies and kick the garbage can for a coin. Use gas to knock out the Limt Imp and cross the next bridge, avoiding the two birds. Use gas again to knock out the next two Lint Imps and watch out for the soda can throwing Pizzano. Then kick the space to the right of the third bridge (before the Otto) to discover a hidden door where your partner will restore your health.
  • Jump over the Otto and on to the platforms ahead. They will each fall down when you land on them, but jump up to the top one and over the second Otto to land on the ledge beyond. Kick the garbage can, and then your partner, and then prepare for a set of boulders rolling downhill toward you. Leap on the next platform over another two Ottos to reach the Harry on the other side. Kick it to make a platform appear above the green springboard. If you missed the key earlier, you will have to use the springboard to take you back to 4-2, and reach 4-3 again. Otherwise, ride the platform to the top and jump to the next ledge. Kick the space above the ledge for a burger. When you jump to the next two floating platforms, a school of fish will leap out of the water at the same time. Stay above them and keep going to the end of the stage.

Field 4-4[edit]

Don't miss this curry early on in the stage
There is a hard-to-find 1-Up bee near the end of the stage.
Kick Skinhead five times to knock him out.
  • Oddly enough, the very beginning of 4-4 is nearly identical to the end of 4-3, right down to the rolling boulders, and the Harry you have to kick to make a platform appear just before a green springboard (only this one takes you back to 4-3 if you don't have the key). The difference will be more evident when you jump onto the platform. Jump from the high platform to the floating one and on to the middle ledge, then from a floating platform to another cloud and up to the garbage can which has a coin. Take one more floating platform to the ground ahead. Kick the area just before the first bridge to make life extending curry appear.
  • Use the springboard to reach the second bridge, but don't kick the Harry or it will throw poo at you. Cross the bridge and kick the space to the right to make a door appear where you'll find a slot machine. The jump from the rising platform to the falling platform to reach the small island, then pass over the next Otto on the floating platform to reach the higher island. Time your jump to the sinking island so that it's on its way back up before jumping to the next falling platform, and on to the island. A fish will appear (kick the space above the island for a coin). Ride the floating platform over to the next bridge where you can kick your partner.
  • After hopping over the gap, a large number of fish will leap out at you while you cross the second bridge. Kick the space to the right of the bridge to make a door appear, where you'll find your partner who will restore your health. Jump to the high floating platform over the Otto to reach the next island, then over to and quickly off the next falling platform to reach another island (kick the space above the island for a coin). When you land on the next ledge with two Pizzanos, kick the space before the first step to make a bee appear and collect it for an extra life. Cross the bridge, and kick the garbage can for a coin, and there will be yet another green springboard here in case you need to go back to 4-3.
  • Hop on the three crabs, and jump from the platform to the red springboard to leap over the fire and on to the next floating platform. Carefully leap from the floating platform to the red springboard ahead, as a Nessy will rear its head at this point, but you should be able to leap over it without getting stopped. Then springboard over to the next ledge with two Harrys (the second one has a coin). Kick the garbage can for some fries, and kick the sign for a burger before advancing on to the boss fight. The name of the boss is Skinhead (Yarmen Z in Japan). This boss will be very much like the previous one, where you must kick him five times in the chest to defeat him.