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After the Gummi Ship crash, a cutscene will show Sabor beginning to attack Sora. This will be your first battle with Sabor. Whether you win or lose, the outcome will be the same.

KH character Sabor.jpg
  • HP: 90
  • EXP: 15

Sabor's attacks are non-elemental, forward dash that acts as a tackle with fangs and claws. If you stay in front of her, she will also be prompted to swipe you with her claws. Her speed in battle cannot be matched, and her leaps across the fighting grounds allow her to make risk-free, long range attacks. Using Dodge Roll to avoid these lunges is the best way to protect yourself. After she charges, make sure to attack her with a three-hit combo, and then remember to Dodge Roll yourself out of the way, so that she doesn't have any more time to attack you. Using Guard against her attacks is occasionally a better option as it is easier to execute, with fewer risks, and it will give Sora more experience.

After the cutscene, jump off of the treehouse and onto the net below, there is a chest underneath the treehouse. Jump off the net to follow Tarzan. Now down in a jungle area, jump into the tree trunk. As you slide down it, be aware of tree branches in the way. Jumping over them is the only way to avoid them.


When you arrive at camp, go inside the tent for a cutscene in which you'll be reunited with Donald and Goofy. Open the chest inside the tent for a Mythril Shard. Talk to Jane to be given a new mission - find the lost slides for the projector.

After you're finished finding all 6 slides, bring them back to the tent to come across an image that Sora, strangely, feels as if he recognizes. Go through every slide for a cutscene. Go out of the tent and you will once again be attacked by Sabor. Use the same strategy as the one you used before, and he'll eventually run away. Go into the green path to the right of the tent.

Hippos' Lagoon[edit]

Here you will have to jump from hippo to hippo to get across the water, but watch out for the water level.

First lagoon

Jump across the first small lagoon by simply jumping on the single hippo to get to the other side.

Second lagoon

You will then face a larger lagoon, with more hippos and a constantly changing water level. Jump to the first hippo. If you fall in the water, just swim over the sunken hippo and it will rise to let you stand. Jump to the next platform from there. Jump on the second hippo in view to get to the area at the end of the lagoon.

There will be a treasure chest holding Dalmatians 25, 26, and 27. Swim back to the small platform on the right of the larger, second lagoon and use the tree tops to reach the two chests containing potions. Go back to where you came in and climb up the vine to head into the trees.


Select 'Jump Next' to swing to the vine nearest you.

Following a cutscene, you'll be told how swinging through the vines works: "Select Jump On to grab a vine, then swing to the next one by selecting Jump Next . Vines will break if you hang on them too long." Jump on the right vine and follow the path to make it to the first piece of land. Jump to the next piece of land for a treasure chest. Jump back on the vines and go back to your party. After practice, climb the side of the tree to go to another new area.


Jump on the platform to the left and go around to the higher platform in the back. After a cutscene in the Tree House, go outside and jump off the net. Follow the same path you went through when you entered to get to Camp. Go into the tent for a cutscene, in which Clayton will continue to defend himself. After the cutscene, exit the tent to find that the area has been attacked by Heartless. Fight them to protect the gorilla, then go to the Bamboo Thicket. Once again, fight the Heartless to protect the gorilla. Go through the other exit to the Cliff. Defeat all the Heartless for this area's gorilla. Climb up the vine for two chests; one containing Mega-Potion, and one containing a Mythril Shard. Go back to Camp and go through the Hippos' Lagoon and back up to the Climbing Trees. Fight the Heartless here for the gorilla. Go to the Tree House and fight the group of Heartless, once again, for the gorilla. Go back to the tent and go inside then back out, and then to the Bamboo Thicket for a cutscene. After the cutscene, you'll fight your final battle with Sabor.


KH character Sabor.jpg
  • HP: 180
  • EXP: 150

In Sabor's final battle, she will jump out of sight, and jump back into the arena at a different location. It is impossible to keep an eye on her, so utilizing the Lock-On function is the best way to assure she does not get a surprise attack in. In all cases, if you have not trained Sora well enough, do be sure to heal often. If you send her flying, start using magic until she is back in striking range. After the battle, you obtain White Fang.


Go back to Camp and defeat all the Heartless. Go into the tent for a short scene. Go up to the Climbing Trees through the Hippos' Lagoon. You now must attack all the large black fruits in the area. After Jane and Terk are set free, go back to Camp, through the Bamboo Thicket, and to the Cliff.

KH character Clayton.jpg
  • HP: 250
  • EXP: 240

In the first stage of the battle, Clayton's only weapon is a shotgun, good for distance attacks, but he also fights alongside a bunch of Powerwilds. Ignore them and lock onto Clayton, bashing him until his HP is about halfway down, but be warned halfway through his life he will use potions. At this point, the second portion of the battle begins.

Stealth Sneak[edit]

Stealth Sneak
KH character Stealth Sneak.png
  • HP: 750
  • EXP: 30

In its first appearance, you will be facing the Stealth Sneak with Clayton as its rider. It is best if you focus on attacking this creature first, depleting its first HP meter to render it visible. The Stealth Sneak then acts a lot like Sabor. Continuously attacking it and using Fire spells will do lots of damage. During the first part of the battle, you can also use Thunder spells to strike at both Clayton and the Stealth Sneak simultaneously. Three of these creatures appear later during the Hades Cup, but without riders and with a new dark-grey coloring. If you attack the Stealth Sneak long enough, it will buck and Clayton will be sent flying. Clayton will seek higher ground when he is dismounted. He has a short amount of life and will use a potion often when it hits critical, but keep in mind that just like you Clayton has a limited amount of potions.

It has two main attacks, a lunge and a "spell" of sorts. The lunge can be dodged by Dodge Roll. When visible, the attack can be seen by the stance it takes before lunging, but when invisible, the best way to "see it coming" is by locking on to it, since the stance involves it lowering the head, which is the thing that Sora locks on to. So when the Lock-on ring suddenly lowers, dodge. Its other attack can be seen either way. Its hands start glowing and it will extend them, and when it brings them together, the attack launches. Simply time a jump with the movements of its arms.

After Clayton is thrown off, try and focus most of Sora's attacks against him. When Clayton is defeated, so will Stealth Sneak. You do not have to kill Stealth Sneak before defeating Clayton.

After a long cutscene, go forward to the Waterfall Cavern. Go up the levels and climb the wall. Jump up to the platform across from you, then jump to the platform across from that. After locking Deep Jungle, the party will see a strange Gummi piece lying in front of the keyhole. You will now be free to leave the world.