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Button Function
Left dpad/Right dpad
  • Move left/right
  • Navigate the Island Selection screen
Up dpad
  • Puff Kirby up in order to fly
  • Enter a door
  • Move upwards while flying or swimming
  • Move cursor upwards in a menu
Down dpad
  • Crouch (when not with an Animal Helper, swimming or puffed up)
  • Swallow an enemy or object in Kirby's mouth
  • Drop through certain thin platforms
  • Move downwards while flying or swimming
  • Move cursor downwards in a menu
A button
  • Jump; height of jump depends on how long you press the button
  • Move upwards while flying or swimming
  • Confirm menu selection
Neutral dpad+A button
  • Briefly increase Coo's flying or Kine's swimming speed while moving into the direction pressed
B button
  • Inhale enemies/objects (if Kirby has no Copy Ability)
  • Spit out a star (after inhaling an enemy or object)
  • Use Kirby's Copy Ability
  • Exhale air after being puffed up, returning Kirby to normal
  • Cancel menu selection/go backwards on a menu screen
Start button
  • Pause the game and open a menu enabling you to leave an already completed stage
  • Confirm menu selection
Select button
  • Discard Kirby's Copy Ability (if he possesses one)
  • Dismiss Kirby's Animal Friend (if he is with one and possesses no Copy Ability)