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Stage selection[edit]

When you enter the second lab door, you are greeted by a selection of six scenes which look like the following:

Konami Wai Wai World stage select.png

The picture above has been labeled with the names of the stages as they are presented here in this walkthrough. You may come and go through each stage as you please. After selecting a stage, Pentarou will throw the switch and teleport you to the entrance of that stage. You can return to Dr. Cinnamon's lab by stepping back on the teleporter that you arrived through and pressing Down dpad. Note that some stages also have an additional, but invisible, warp location that will also send you back to the lab if you manage to find it.

Quick walkthrough[edit]

The following is a brief explanation of the recommended order in which to tackle each stage. It is not the only order you can follow, but it does help you proceed through the stages so that you rescue each character in an order that makes them available as soon as you need them for later stages.

  1. Visit Feudal Japan, collect the key from a dragon, and rescue Goemon.
  2. Visit Castle Dracula, collect the key by defeating the boss, and rescue Simon Belmont. Then locate the invisible staircase and collect Simon's boomerang.
  3. Visit the Goon Docks, collect Konami Man's Beam gun, collect the key at the bottom of the cavern, rescue Mikey, and obtain his slingshot.
  4. Visit The Big City, collect the key by defeating the boss, rescue King Kong, and obtain his special weapon.
  5. Visit Hell, and obtain the Mantle. Use the nearby warp to exit Hell.
  6. Return to Feudal Japan and use Konami Man or Konami Lady to fly and collect the power capsule and Goemon's lucky cat.
  7. Return to Castle Dracula, use Konami Lady to fly and collect her Heat Gun. Then use Konami Man or Konami Lady to collect the Magic Armor.
  8. Return to Hell, defeat the boss, rescue Fuuma, and obtain his shuriken.
  9. Visit Easter Island, obtain the key by defeating the boss, rescue Moai, and obtain his power ring. Obtain the rice ball as well to prevent one character from dying.
  10. Enter the third lab door, and pilot either the Vic Viper or TwinBee through the Space Flight stage. Then defeat the boss and proceed to the Final Battle.

Mobile Version[edit]

  1. Visit Antarctic
  2. Visit Candy

Bonus games[edit]

There are three bonus games which you can access through doors that you come across in Feudal Japan and the Goon Docks. Each of the bonus games are described below.


Choose even or odd to win more missles

In this game, you must guess whether the sum of the roll of two die will be even (chou, チョウ) or odd (han, ハン). If you guess correctly, the number of bullets you possess will be doubled, up to a maximum value of 999. If you guess incorrectly, the number of bullets you possess will be halved.


Flip over two of the same number to earn life

In this game, you must select two of the five face down cards. The goal is to select two cards that have the same value (e.g. three hearts and three diamonds, as shown in the image to the right). If you succeed, the current character's life will be fully restored. If you fail, your character will suffer damage when you leave the game.


Pay 10 bullets for a chance at a random prize

For the price of 10 bullets, you may play this slots game. If you agree to pay, the symbols will begin to spin. Stop each one with the press of A button. The resulting prizes are as follows:

Result Prize
Crown·Crown·Crown A dead character will be brought back to life.
Apple·Apple·Apple All of the current characters life is restored.
Grape·Grape·Grape All of the current characters life is restored.
Apple·Apple·Crown Gain 100 bullets.
Grape·Grape·Crown Gain 100 bullets.