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Box artwork for LEGO Rock Raiders.
Box artwork for LEGO Rock Raiders.
LEGO Rock Raiders
Developer(s)Data Design Interactive
Publisher(s)LEGO Software
Year released1999
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)ESRB Everyone
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This guide is for the Windows game. For the PlayStation game, see LEGO Rock Raiders (PlayStation).


The Rock Raiders return home on board the L.M.S Explorer mining spaceship after a long journey at the edge of the galaxy. All is well… Until the ship accidentally enters an asteroid field. The crew struggles to navigate through the storm of flying rocks, but the have barrage damages the ship's defenses, putting the ship at risk.

Just when the Rock Raiders think it couldn't get any worse, the ship's detectors detect a huge black hole in the middle of the asteroid field- and it's sucking them in! The ship's engines are getting weaker and the crew is standing helpless.

Miraculously the damaged ship which is working on its emergency power supply escape the black hole, intact, but the crew very quickly finds out that the black hole has tossed them to the other end of the universe, to a distant galaxy.

Chief, the Explorer's commander, decides to go to the nearest planet, gambling on the ship's emergency power to bring them there safely. time is crucial: if there's any chance for them to return home, the Rock Raiders must perform emergency repairs to the Explorer, and even more importantly, get Energy Crystals, which are running dangerously low.

While the explorer enters orbit about the foreign plant, the geological scanner shows that there is a huge reserve of Energy Crystals on it. But can the scanners be trusted? Only one way to find out…

Table of Contents