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Level 61[edit]

Lode Runner level61.png

Level 62[edit]

Lode Runner level62.png

Level 63[edit]

Lode Runner level63.png

Level 64[edit]

Lode Runner level64.png

To solve this level, grab the gold on the bottom level only, making holes near the center before they fall. Keep this up until they bring down all the gold. Then, after they bring down all the gold, go up two levels and jump on top of one of them and jump across. Get all the gold on the right then clean up the left.

Note: If you are using Lode Runner for iPhone, change the D-pad to level 2.

Level 65[edit]

Lode Runner level65.png

Level 66[edit]

Lode Runner level66.png

Level 67[edit]

Lode Runner level67.png

Level 68[edit]

Lode Runner level68.png

Level 69[edit]

Lode Runner level69.png

Level 70[edit]

Lode Runner level70.png