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Copy Protection[edit]

This game requires entering content found in the manual.

Version differences[edit]

There are two major revisions of the game. The initial version was designed to fit on a few floppy disks, and thus will obviously look lower quality. This version included a LOOM Audio Drama, but this version is not sold digitally.

The "talkie" CD-ROM version has improved graphics, but there are significant changes in the dialogue giving a slightly different version of the story. This version is sold digitally, but the digital redistributions do not have the audio drama.

This audio drama is not required to complete the game, but it does make some portions of the story easier to comprehend.


At the beginning of the game, you're prompted to choose one of three difficulty levels.

  • Standard will show the distaff and a note reference for the eight sections of the distaff. The distaff will also flash when draft notes are played in the world.
  • Practice works the same way as Standard, in addition to showing the four note letters of a draft. Clicking on these letters will play the draft.
  • Expert will only show the distaff, and not the note reference underneath. The distaff only flashes when Bobbin plays a note, not when a note is played in the world.

The only in-game change for choosing expert is seeing the animated scene with Cob - otherwise, said event takes place offscreen instead.