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Luigi's Mansion - Area 1 Walkthrough (26:08)

1F & 2F: The Foyer[edit | edit source]

The Foyer, where your game will always begin. You can save with the Toad.

You will find yourself at the Foyer once again, as you always will when you enter the mansion. You've got your training, and now you're ready to bravely defeat the Mansion illusion and its ghosts. Speak to the Toad, who is sitting and crying. He cheers up once he sees Luigi, and tells him that he was sent by Princess Peach to find Mario. He begs Luigi to find Mario. Choose 'Leave it to me!' so Toad will stop crying and the lights will turn on. Toad will now let you save your game. There are several more Toad save points scattered throughout the Mansion. Now, go back up the stairs, and enter the double doors.

2F: The Parlor[edit | edit source]

Hidden Mansion Blackout Ghosts
  • Gold Ghost x1
  • Purple Puncher x1
  • Blue Twirler x1

When you enter the Parlor, you will notice 6 candles lit and some coins laying around. Pick up the coins, and blow out the candles with your vacuum. The portraits will start talking, threatening you. You will notice the doors now have barbed wire over them, preventing you from escaping. Don’t touch them. Suck up all the ghosts, called Gold Ghosts, as they appear, and the lights will come on. Open the chest that appears, and you will get a key to open the door to the next room. The map will appear, showing you which door the key opens. Enter the next room.

But, before you go, don't forget the gold bar in the chandelier.

2F: The Anteroom[edit | edit source]

Hidden Mansion Blackout Ghosts
  • Purple Puncher x3
  • Blue Twirler x1

When you enter the next room, the doors will immediately be covered by spikes, preventing escape. Suck up the Gold Ghosts, and the new pink ghosts, called Purple Punchers, as they appear, and the lights will turn on. You can check the pots for money (the one to the left contains a gold bar). Now continue to the next room on the left.

2F: The Wardrobe Room[edit | edit source]

Hidden Mansion Blackout Ghosts
  • Blue Twirler x1
  • Mirror Grabbing Ghost x4
You need to get the key down from above the clothes line.

Catch all of the Gold Ghosts that appear. The room also introduces a green ghost, the Garbage Can Ghost, which eats bananas and throws their skin on the floor, which makes them more difficult to catch. This room contains a very special ghost, a Speedy Spirit. This ghost, when caught, is worth a lot of money, and therefore is very difficult to catch. It is hidden in the wardrobe to the right. Make sure to catch it before checking any other wardrobe, but after catching all ghosts that appear otherwise, because you only have one chance. Saving the game and restarting will not make it reappear. There is one more Gold Ghost hiding in the wardrobe to the left. Suck it up. The lights will come on, and you will find a key at the top of the clothes line, next to the wardrobe on the left. This opens a door to the left of the staircase. But don't go there yet.

Check the middle wardrobe to find some money, and go outside through the door to the left.

2F: The Balcony[edit | edit source]

You will find a Toad. Talk to him, and he will stop crying, and offer to save your game. You should accept, since the next few rooms contain more powerful ghosts. Now go to the door you found the key for.

2F: The Foyer[edit | edit source]

When you approach the door on the left, E. Gadd will contact you on your Game Boy Horror. He will tell you about Portrait Ghosts, which are ghosts that were freed from the gallery, and that they don’t show their hearts as easily. He advises you to check their hearts with the Game Boy Horror before trying to catch them for clues.

2F: Hallway[edit | edit source]

As soon as you enter the hall, don't follow the trail of coins. You can suck them up if you want to, but The door that the trail leads to is a fake door, which deals 10 damage from your health if you open them. However, there are many ways to detect if the door is fake:

  • Turn your vacuum on at the door you plan to enter. If the door vibrates, it’s real, if not, it’s fake.
  • Stand in front of the door you plan to enter. View the map on your Game Boy Horror by pressing Y button. If there is no door on the map in front of the door you're standing at, it’s fake.
  • If Luigi stares at a door, it's fake.
  • Later in the game, when you have the Fire Element, you can burn away fake doors. If you do so, then leave the room, and re-enter it, the fake door will re-appear.
  • Usually, fake doors do not have placemats in front of them. However, there are exceptions.

For now, enter the first door to the right.

2F: The Study[edit | edit source]

Neville's portrait.

Inside this room, use the Game Boy Horror to scan behind the desk. You'll see a piece of cheese. Scan it, and a Golden Mouse will appear. It is very quick, but if caught, leaves a lot of money.

The rocking chair is moving, but if you look straight at it, you can't see anything in it. Take out your Game Boy Horror, being wary of books throwing themselves at you. Look at the chair to see the ghost, Neville. He is a Portrait Ghost, of which there are 23 throughout the Mansion. Scan his heart. When you do this, he says, 'Ho ho ho ho... Try to find me. I can see you, but you cannot see me. Ho ho ho ho...'

To catch him, look away from him while dodging the flying books and wait until he yawns, then stun him and turn your vacuum on him. Try to avoid the books flying at you. You will also notice little white shiny balls, called Pearls, which fall from the Portrait Ghosts. These are very valuable. You may also notice a purple Mushroom, called a Poison Mushroom. This is to be avoided, since it will cause Luigi to shrink, lose health, and disable the Poltergust. However, with the Mario amiibo, these Poison Mushrooms turn into Super Mushrooms which do the opposite of their counterparts. Neville, like most Portrait Ghosts, has 100 HP, which is more than regular ghosts.

When you catch Neville, the lights will turn on, and a chest will appear, containing a key to the next room. Get the key, and make your way to the next room.

2F: The Master Bedroom[edit | edit source]

In this room, the Portrait Ghost, Lydia, is sitting by the dressing table, fixing her hair. Scan her heart. When you do this, she says, 'Isn't my hair just gorgeous? Of course, I do spend a lot of time on it. I was so bored cooped up in that painting that now I spend all my time in front of the mirror. It seems to scare people a bit, so everything is coming up roses!' Use the vacuum to open the curtain, letting in a massive gust of wind. Lydia will look at it in shock, and get up to fix it. When she looks at it, and moans, stun her and suck her up. The lights will turn on. Get all the pearls, and check the chest of drawers and locker for money. A chest will appear. Open it for a key. This leads to a room just across the hallway. Leave the room.

2F: The Nursery[edit | edit source]

When you exit the room, the camera will zoom in on the next room’s door. Go there. When you enter the room, scan the baby ghost, Chauncey, lying in the crib. 'Horsey... rocky... horsey...' You will notice the rocking horse over in the lower left corner with coins around it. Collect the coins, turn your vacuum on and point it toward the rocking horse. It should rock back and forth and Chauncey should awaken and sit on it. 'Hey! Wanna play with me?' He will throw his teddy bears at you. Avoid them, and suck up the ball, holding R button, then, when Chauncey comes after you, let go of R button, and it will hurt him. He will then get mad. 'Small... Now grow smaller!'

Boss Ghost: Chauncey[edit | edit source]

The Hidden Mansion (PAL)
In the PAL Hidden Mansion, Chauncey's attacks become much stronger, and harder to avoid. His rocking horses travel much faster, are much bigger, and zig-zag wildly as they fly towards you. Also, when he escapes the Poltergust, he will bounce around the crib faster, and in random directions rather than in a rectangle pattern.

You now stand in a massive crib. Large rocking horses will fly at you, and Chauncey, now several times larger than Luigi, will appear, and take out his magic rattle. Avoid any rocking horses he sends at you. When he throws balls at you, avoid them until all but one disappear. Suck it up, hold it, and shoot it at Chauncey. He will be stunned. This is your chance! Turn the vacuum on him. He will escape at about 47+ hp. He will then start bouncing around the crib. Avoid him, and repeat the process until he is defeated. It may take 3-4 attempts, depending on how much health you can take off him in one attempt. Also, the rocking horses become more difficult to avoid with each attempt. The amount of health you have left at the end of the battle determines the type of frame for Chauncey's portrait, since bosses do not leave behind Pearls.

The Key of Hearts, the key to a new Area.

Once Chauncey is defeated, you will return to the Nursery. There is now a large golden chest there. Open it for the Key of Hearts. Professor E. Gadd will call you on the Game Boy Horror. He had lost contact with you, and started to worry, but is glad you're okay. He invites you back to the Lab.

The Ghost Portrificationizer[edit | edit source]

The Poltergust 3000 is full after the boss battle, and so the Professor needs to empty it.

Back at the Lab, the Professor shows off the Poltergust's sister invention, the Ghost Portrificationizer. This turns the Portrait Ghosts into paintings. It also works in reverse, which you will need later in the game. To operate it properly, Luigi needs to plug the Poltergust into the slot on a machine, and blow the ghosts into there. After this process is over, you can see which Portrait Ghosts you have caught, how much money (known in the game as treasure) you have earned so far, and save your game. You will then return to the Lab's main room, from where you can return to the Mansion, and begin Area 2.