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The Blackout[edit | edit source]

When you return to the Mansion, head straight for the Balcony, on the third floor. The blocked door will open, but just as it does, a massive bolt of lightning will strike the Mansion, cutting the power. The Professor will call. He will warn you of an increase in the ghost population in the Mansion, now that every room is in darkness again. If you're playing to collect money, this blackout will allow you to return to any rooms containing Speedy Spirits or Gold Mice you may have missed. If you want to continue, enter the door here. Go down the corridor, to the only open door, at the end to the right.

3F: The Telephone Room[edit | edit source]

When you enter this room, a telephone is ringing. Find it, and answer. The first phonecall is from Toad. When he asks who is speaking, answer 'It's Luigi!'. Toad will tell you about a breaker switch he saw in the basement. When he hangs up, another phone will ring. It's the Professor. He says that one Portrait Ghost, Uncle Grimmly, only hides in the darkest places. The blackout is your only chance to find him. The Professor advises you to find him before you restore the power, and that he prefers rooms with mirrors. Before he goes, he'll warn you of one more thing... Ghosts approaching you! Among these are one Gold Ghost, one Purple Puncher, and one Blue Twirler. The doors will open when you have caught all of them, allowing you to leave in search of Uncle Grimmly.

2F: The Wardrobe Room[edit | edit source]

Now that all the lights are out, you'll be plagued by weaker ghosts like these.

With the Mansion in total darkness, Ghosts are everywhere. You can ignore these, because there are so many of them. Instead, concentrate on finding Uncle Grimmly. The Mirror Room would be an obvious choice of a room with a mirror, but it's a bit too obvious. If you look there, he's not there. So instead, go to the Wardrobe Room on the second floor. Stand in front of the mirror near the south wall and face away from it, and Uncle Grimmly will appear. Wait for him to raise his arms and try to scare you. This is when his heart appears, allowing you to catch him. A chest will appear, containing a key to a room in the Basement. The stairs down are to the right of the Fortune-Teller's Room.

BF: The Breaker Room[edit | edit source]

The only point of interest in this room is the generator switch on the north wall. As you approach it, Luigi will automatically pull the switch, restoring power to the Mansion, including this room. Get the key, and the Boo, and head across to the next room.

BF: The Cellar[edit | edit source]

With power restored to the Mansion, ghost levels are back to normal. To be able to navigate this room properly, you'll need to clear the dust with your Poltergust. There are two Purple Punchers hiding in the barrels. Catch them to turn on the lights. Get the Key, and the Boo, and return to the Telephone Room.

To complete this room, you need to open the wooden chests, which contain two Skeleton Ghosts. Catch them to turn on the lights, and be rewarded with a green treasure chest. Catch the Boo, and move into the next room.

3F: The Clockwork Room[edit | edit source]

When you enter this room, you can see the Portrait Ghosts, the Clockwork Soldiers, standing at their posts. To bring them to 'life', you need to turn on all of the cuckoo clocks. Do this quickly, or they will turn off again, and you'll need to start over. Once all five are on, the Clockwork Soldiers will begin to march around the room. To catch these, you need to remove their wind-up keys, and catch them one at a time. Leave the blue for last, since he carries the pearls. All three have 100hp each. As you try to catch one, the others may attempt to 'shoot' you, so try to avoid them. When you catch all three, you won't receive a key, but the doors behind the Blue Soldier's post will open. Catch the Boo, and enter the opened doors. Inside is an elevator to the Roof.

The Roof[edit | edit source]

At the top of the Mansion, a fire is burning. And around it, six Shy-Guy Ghosts are dancing. Catch all of them. Now, get some Fire Element from the fire. Two Icy Purple Punchers will appear. Catch these as well. A chest will appear on top of the left chimney. Open it for a key. Now go over to the right chimney, and drop down. You'll emerge in a secret room.

2F: The Sealed Room[edit | edit source]

Basically anything that moves when you use your vacuum on it contains some treasure, except for two chests, and one of those contains a Speedy Spirit. The other releases a Gold Ghost, a Purple Puncher, a Blue Twirler, and a Purple Bomber. When all are caught, a chest containing a key will appear. To escape this room, vacuum down the cloth on the wall in the north-east corner to reveal a mirror. Scan it with your Game Boy Horror to warp to the Foyer. Now go to the room on the second floor, that you just got the key for.

2F: The Sitting Room[edit | edit source]

As soon as you enter, the door will seal shut. Catch some Fire Element from the candle on the table, and light the two candles around the painting on the back wall. Five Gold Ghosts will appear at once. Catch them, then quickly get some Water Element from the vase in the south-west corner. Two Icy Gold Ghosts will appear. Catch them to open the doors and turn on the lights. Get the Boo, and enter the door to the right.

2F: The Guest Room[edit | edit source]

When Luigi enters, he will immediately notice that the entire room is the wrong way up. Sue Pea, the Portrait Ghost, 'lies' on her bed, and warns you not to wake her. But it's the only way to continue, so spray her with some Water. After spraying her three times, she will wake up, and is ready to be caught. Before catching her, take out the two clown dolls that throw themselves at you. A green treasure chest will appear on the ceiling/floor, where you can't reach it. Leave the room. The entire Mansion will begin rumbling. Re-enter the room, where everything is now the right way up. You can now get the treasures, and the Boo. Head back up to the third floor.

3F: The Armoury[edit | edit source]

Check the suits of armour from behind to open them safely.

You have a key for the room in the south-west. Enter. This room is full of old suits of armour and chests, some of which contain ghosts. Approach the suits from behind, or the side, to check them. You must catch one Gold Ghost, two Purple Puncher, one Blue Twirler, one Garbage Can Ghost, and one Red Grabbing Ghost to get a chest containing a key. Catch the Boo, and go into the next room, to the north of here.

3F: The Ceramics Studio[edit | edit source]

Before you do anything in this room, get some Ice from the frozen jar. Approach the blue jar, and Jarvis, the Portrait Ghost, will appear. He is immensely proud of his jar collection in this room. So proud, in fact, that he just can't let you look at them for free. He will challenge you to freeze seven of him with the Ice. After seven Jarvis have appeared, the real one will return and declare the result. If you froze seven, you will win, and get a chance to catch him. Don't go for him straight away, since some of his jars will throw themselves at you. Dispose of them first, and then concentrate on Jarvis. You'll receive a chest full of treasures for your trouble. Get the Boo, and go to the basement.

BF: The Pipe Room[edit | edit source]

This room has a White Grabbing Ghost, and two Red Grabbing Ghosts. Catch them. Get some Ice from the barrel in the south-west corner, and spray it on the green acid to freeze it, making it safe to walk on. Walk up to the red wheel, and Luigi will tighten it, turning off the water supply. Cross the plank just to the right, and keep going to find a chest with a key. Catch the Boo, and go to the next room.

BF: The Cold Storage[edit | edit source]

When catching Sir Weston, you'll slide along on the ice, so be careful.

Get some Fire from the stove here. If you look away from the north-west corner, you'll see Sir Weston, the Portrait Ghost, there, frozen in a massive block of ice. Light the two piles of sticks beside him, to defrost him. He will shout at you for making it too hot. He will attack by forcing rows of stalagmites to rise. Also, you must avoid the stalactites that fall from the ceiling. To make him vulnerable, melt his block of ice. You can then catch him. Sir Weston is one of the hardest Portrait Ghosts to catch, since you will slide along the ice while trying to catch him, and the stalactites will never stop falling. If you get frozen, rotate Neutral control several times to release yourself. When you do catch him, a chest with a key will appear. Catch the Boo (you may need to go through several rooms to catch it), and go to the third floor for the last time.

3F: The Artist's Studio[edit | edit source]

This is the last 'normal' room in the Mansion - the last regular ghosts, the last regular Portrait Ghost, the last Boo, and the last Key. When you enter, you'll see seven paintings of regular ghosts, and the Portrait Ghost, Vincent Van Gore. He knows that it is you who has been catching all of the ghosts, and presents you with your last challenge: catch three of each of the ghosts in his paintings. These are Gold Ghosts, Purple Punchers, Blue Twirlers, Red Grabbing Ghosts, Shy Guy Ghosts, Garbage Can Ghosts, and Purple Bombers. When all are gone, Van Gore will say that even if he disappears, his work will live on. But then he says that only one of his creations is left, and is now ready to be caught. When you have done so, the Key of Spades will appear from the painting van Gore completed. Grab it, and catch the last Boo. If you've now caught all fifty Boos, you'll be rewarded with the extremely rare and valuable Diamond. If not, you'll need to search every room in the Mansion (excluding any outdoor areas) to find any that are left. With that done, refill all of your health, save your game with Toad, and head to the basement.

BF: The Secret Altar[edit | edit source]

Approach the Door of Spades in the basement, and the spikes covering it will disappear, allowing you to enter. Inside, King Boo is floating, staring at his Mario painting. Walk up to him. He will begin talking. He finds the way Mario pleads for help in his painting satisfying, since he remembers how much 'trouble' Mario has caused him. He reveals that it was he who created the Mansion, released the Portrait Ghosts, sent Luigi the letter saying he had won the Haunted Mansion, captured Mario, and now wants to turn Luigi into a painting to complete his 'collection' of Mario brother paintings. He fears only the Poltergust 3000, but promises to fight you like a true Boo. The room will rotate King Boo will fly into the Mario painting, and the Mario painting will transform into one of Bowser, who will suck you into it.

Final Boss: King Boo[edit | edit source]

King Boo, emerging from his Bowser robot.

Something will fall from the sky and almost land on top of Luigi. It's Bowser, who was supposedly defeated by Mario a long time ago. But, he will grab his head, and twist it into place. He will attack you by breathing fire at you, and rolling huge, explosive balls at you. Avoid everything he throws at you, and, when the balls stop rolling, get one, and wait for Bowser to run at you. If you're too far away, he'll jump up, and crash-land beside you. When he's close to you, he'll try to suck you in. If he ran at you, and you have a ball, when he bends down, aim the ball at him, and shoot. His head will come off, and King Boo will emerge. This isn't really Bowser, but merely a robot, controlled from within by King Boo. King Boo has 500hp, the most of any ghost in the entire Mansion, but, as a Boo, this decreases very quickly. When he is outside of his Bowser robot, the head will float around and spit ice at you. Try to avoid this. Eventually, he will return to his robot. Repeat the process.

The Bowser robot's attack, and its downfall, are the large, explosive balls.

When King Boo has less than 200hp remaining, the head of the Bowser robot will go back on the wrong way, and Bowser will run around blindly. Avoid him. After a while, he will stop to fix it. Continue with the process of knocking off Bowser's head, and eventually you will catch King Boo. Luigi will pick up his valuable crown when he is defeated. With no master, the Bowser robot will collapse, and Luigi will return to the Secret Altar. The professor will call. He will praise you for capturing King Boo, and saving Mario. In all his years as a ghost hunter, he's never heard such a tale as Luigi's. He will tell you to grab Mario's painting, and return to the lab. Mario's fallen asleep, possibly from relief at seeing Luigi come to save him. Luigi will happily step up to his brother's painting, take it down, and run back to the lab.

When you return, the Professor will tell you that all your work took only one night. The Mansion disappeared into the night, but all the treasure you collected is real. The professor lets Luigi keep it, and use it as he pleases. Before releasing Mario, the last Portrait Ghosts must be turned back into paintings.

After this, you'll receive your final score, and Mario will be released from his painting, which he doesn't seem to enjoy. When he fails to emerge from the Ghost Portrificationiser, Luigi looks worriedly at it, but Mario bursts out of it, in a daze. Luigi looks at him in relief, and begins to laugh, and cry in happiness at the sight of his brother, safe, but not exactly sound. After the credits, you'll receive a ranking based on your final score, and a painting of Luigi's New Mansion, which he built with the treasure he collected.

The End

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