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This is an index for every enemy, excluding Bosses, in the game. It will include their HP, how much damage they deal, and descriptions of their behavior.

  • Batton Bone B81: Robotic bat that drops Bombs on X/Zero from above. Found in Slash Beast, Split Mushroom and Magma Dragoon's stages.
  • Beam Cannon: Flying cannon that fires large magenta lasers. Several appear with the Generaid Core Miniboss in Storm Owl's stage, acting as a distraction.
  • Blast Raster: Modified Adhering Suzy that extends its appendages to walk about,then stops to shoot from their green eye. Found in Web Spider's stage
  • Death Guardian: Modified Guardian with a larger, spiked shield that appears in Split Mushroom's stage and the Final Weapon
  • Dejira:
  • E-AT: Yeti-like enemy that appears in Frost Walrus' stage. Attacks by throwing snowballs in an arc or by making a ground based ice slash.
  • Fly Gunner: Purple and silver Hover Gunner variant. Locks on to your current position and fires a couple of shots, then flys around a bit. Appears in the 2nd half of Frost Walrus's stage.
  • Giga Death: Fires a missile from below, pauses, then fires a missile from it's upper cannon. Found in Storm Owl and Magma Dragoon's Stage, and darker coloured versions appear on the Final Weapon.
  • Guardian: Enemy that looks like a Beam Cannon equipped with a shield in front of it, which is raised so a few small energy spheres can be fired. It appears in Split Mushroom and Storm Owl's stages.
  • Hornet: Repliforce recon scout in Jet Stingray's stage that use a Ride Chaser. Takes 3 shots to kill
  • Hover Gunner: Small hovering cannon that fires in random directions then flies away after a certain number of shots. Appears in Jet Stingray, Split Mushroom and Cyper Peacock's stages.
  • Ice Wing: Bird enemy from the 2nd half of Frost Walrus' stage. If it isn't destroyed quickly, it will freeze the entire screen, making ground movement harder, and any exposed portions of ceiling will be coated with icicles. Any Mets on screen will be rendered unable to move or attack, but will be coated in non-lethal ice spikes.
  • Item Carrier: Non-damaging, this 'enemy' carries an item (health energy, weapon energy, etc)
  • Kill Fisher: Flying fish enemy from Web Spider's stage that hides in the river until X/Zero comes close enough then jumps out of the water and flies towards them. Deals 3 units of damage, but only has one unit of health
  • King Poseidon: Amphibious enemy in Web Spiders stage that attacks with a trident and the spikes on its back. 3 damage on contact, 6 damage from its spear jab. Has 6HP and can be oneshotted by frost tower or lightning web, but is immune to all other special weapons except rising fire.
  • Knot Beret: Basic Repliforce soldier that appears in 3 varieties: Knot Beret B (Throws bombs in an arc), Knot Beret G (Fires a bullet horizontally or diagonally, depending on your location) and Knot Beret S (Snowboarding Knot Beret that only appears in Frost Walrus' Stage)
  • Kyunnbyunn: Wasp-like enemy spawned by the Mega Nest, that flies towards X/Zero. Also appears without the Mega Nest in the 2nd part of Sky Lagoon.
  • Mad Bull 97: Armoured Bulldozer mechaniloid in the 1st part of Sky Lagoon. Consists of 2 parts; a makeshift shield with four drills attached and a small tank like vehicle that accelerates once it loses its shield. It can either be destroyed or simply jumped over.
  • Mega Nest: Immobile ceiling hanger in Web Spider's Stage that spawns Kyunnbyunn. Resembles a bee hive.
  • Metal Gabyoall: Gabyoall (spinning disk enemy that changes direction at an edge and accelerates in proximity to the player) that appears in Web Spider's stage. Can only be destroyed by thr Ground Hunter.
  • Metal Hawk:
  • Metall D2:
  • Miru Toraeru:
  • Raiden: Repliforce enemy soldier that pilots the Raiden Ride armour. Easily dispatched with a swipe from your raiden armour. Appears in Slash Beast and Magma Dragoon's stage.