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This page needs images of controls for the Sega Saturn from the controller buttons category to make learning the controls easier. If a set of controller button images is available for this system, please add them. If a set of controller images isn't available, it might need to be brought up on StrategyWiki:Staff lounge.

Basic Controls[edit]

Saturn PlayStation GameCube PC (Keyboard) PC (Gamepad) Explanation
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral lstick Neutral dpad Neutral control  ↑ 
Arcade-Button-Joystick.pngNeutral lstick
  • (Up/Down) Climb ladder.
  • (Left/Right) Move X/Zero.
  • Navigate menus.
A button Square button B button C A button Fire. (Press and hold with X to charge X-Buster)
B button Cross button A button X B button Jump.
C button Circle button X button Z X button Dash.
X button Triangle button Y button V Y button
  • X: Fire the X-Buster even if a special weapon is equipped.
  • Zero: Allows him to use his special techniques
L button / R button L1 button / R1 button L button / R button A / S /
Back button / Start button
Switch weapons left/right.
Y button R2 button Z button F LB button Giga Attack
Start button Start button Start button Enter L button Select menu items, enter and exit the weapons sub menu.

Advanced Techniques[edit]

Dash Jumping[edit]

  • Required: Nothing.

Press Dash and then Jump soon after. The result is a quick horizontal movement added to a normal jump, thus creating a "long jump" effect. You can also press them at the same time to get the same effect, however you won't have that initial horizontal distance covered on the ground (it usually won't matter, but sometimes you'll do it one way versus the other).

Wall Climbing[edit]

  • Required: Nothing.

Simply move towards a wall and jump. If you hold the direction while holding onto the wall, you'll slide down it. While sliding on a wall, just jump (keep holding the direction on the D-Pad) and you'll automatically return to the wall at a higher position.

Wall Dash Jumping[edit]

  • Required: Nothing.

This is an easy, yet very useful technique to get to some tricky places or to get past enemies. While scaling a wall, simply press Jump and Dash at the same time and the direction you'd like to go in; this will cause X/Zero to do a very large jump in that direction.

Air Dash[edit]

  • Required: X: Leg Enhancement. Zero: Hienkyaku (Defeat Jet Stingray)

Press Jump and then Dash soon after. X/Zero will perform an "Air Dash".