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Icarus armor[edit]

  • Head part: Gravity Antonion stage, when you reach a large room that have a spiked hallway, try to move the room to make the hallway vertical and jump down and you see a small section. Press the 2 buttons that show up one after another after one is pressed and look down the screen, you need to jump down and air dash carefully to hit the orb and enter the capsuled room. You covers yourself with blue aura while jump do damage enemies. Disappear immediately during decent.
  • Body part: After the giant mechaniloid start to run away from you in Earthrock Trilobyte, you chase it and will find a capsule hidden beyond some oil crate. Use fire weapon to destroy the crates and reach the capsule. The armor halve damage and every damage is converted into recover gauge (red life bar)
  • Buster part: Revisit Noah's park that is made available after your first maverick. The room that Zero had to double jump across has opened and inside is a most breaking buster. It enhances your buster by ONE level which means the normal shot are blue lv1 charged shot and the fully charged shot is a lazer beam that freezes X when executed
  • Foot part: Bamboo Pandamonium stage, keep the armor suit (mech) and after first intermission room (ride armor goons minigame), get on a up-down platform and makes it go up. Use the mech and AIR-DASH to the left and jump out quicly to find yourself a foot part. The boot makes you jump higher (as high as Zero's double jump although can airdash after jumping)

When the armor is fully assembled in one neutral armor, you will glow red and gain a giga attack, Giga Crush. It destroys or damages enemies on-screen. Can be executed without the full gauge, but this reduces its range and damage done.

Hermes armor[edit]

  • Head part: Avalanche Yeti stage, after the jet bike part, before fighting the boss you can see a high ledge above. Use Zero, hug the wall on the right and double jump to the left to reach the ledge. Destroy ice with Optic Sunflower's weapon and the capsule is right there. Speed up your charging.
  • Body part: Dark Mantis stage, you hug the wall to the right in the second elevator and kick up to the capsule above. Small damage goons won't damage you (2 pellet and weaker)
  • Buster part: Optic Sunflower stage, in a room at between two training rooms. Use Antonion's weapon to destroy the glass and take the capsule. Full charge unleashes three semi-charged shots in 3 direction (why would you need that lol?)
  • Foot part: Burn Rooster's stage. You can see it on the way but it's not like you can get it right away. Drop down a little more and you will find a vertical hallway filled with spike. Jump up (should have prickle barrier) and get your reward. The boot make you faster and can perform shadow dash (invincible dash)

When the armor is fully assembled in one neutral armor, you will glow blue and gain a giga attack, X drive. The drive will make you faster, jump higher, invincible (on the wiki it says invincible period doubled but personally I always be invincible when I turn X drive on), charged shot shoots 5 instead 3, charge super fast. Drain the gauge slowly as being turned on. Can be used without full gauge.

Ultimate armor[edit]

Defeat the game when 8 armor parts are found and X is at 100% and load newgame+ or use code at title screen (PSP). Can jump and run twice effective as normal, remove weapon energy usage (except giga attack), can use plasma shot and Icarus armor's ability. This armor can perform Shoryuken from the street fighter series that was first introduced within X2's secret capsule and the signature attack, Nova Strike which has few second delay and is the strongest among all ultimate armor's Nova Strike: you can now reduce mavericks to one pellet for overdrive attack and few shots to take down Sigma and Lumine.

Black Zero[edit]

Defeat the game when Zero is at 95% and buy Σ-blade in the shop (100% now, newgame+ only) to unlock or enter code at title screen (PSP). Black Zero has increased dash speed and length, doubled attack power and halved defense.

White Axl[edit]

Kill Lumine with double attack and load newgame+ to obtain or enter code at title screen (PSP). White Axl can dash longer and faster, as well as infinite hover while shooting on-air