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MMX8 Pitch Black Body Parts H (1).pngMMX8 Pitch Black Body Parts H (2).png
Follow the shaft to the top.

Start the Generator[edit]

MMX8 Pitch Black Life Bottle Full.png
Start the Generator. Before leaving the room, have X with either Buster Parts equiped use a charged Crystal Wall to extract the Metal.

Use Axl to copy the guard. Go to the end of the hall and use the Salute (Triangle button) to get past the guard into the Generator Room. Use X's Thunder Dancer or Axl's Plasma Gun to charge up the Generator.

MMX8 Pitch Black Shield Armor (Axl).png
Start the Generator. Go back the way you cam and follow the new platforms
MMX8 Pitch Black D Glaive.png
Start the Generator. You'll need either X with Foot Parts I or Zero to get it.