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Heavy Door[edit]

Psychic 5 terrain Door.png

A very heavy metal door. To open it, you have to keep pushing against it for some duration of time without interruption. They appear in large groups in some areas; you'll need Bunta to open them all efficiently, unless you have the broom.

ON Gate[edit]

Psychic 5 terrain Gate.png

To open, you need to touch the ON switch. The first time you touch each ON switch, 30 seconds are added to the timer. Most ON gates are one way only, but some have a ON switch on both sides. Don't forget to touch both switches to gain more time!

Moving Box[edit]

Psychic 5 terrain Move Box.png

These are basically moving platforms. They can kill you if you get squeezed between a moving box and a wall or container. They can be stopped with a Stop icon, or by hitting Zara.


Psychic 5 terrain Fire.png

Touching means death (unless you're riding a broom). They often appear in rows.

False Fire[edit]

These look like fires, but vanish with no effect if you touch them. One safe way to find out which fires are false is to ride the broom.

Concealed Fire[edit]

This looks like an empty space, but a short time after you enter the space, a fire suddenly appears there. This can kill you. Be careful!

Light Switch[edit]

Psychic 5 terrain Switch.png

When you touch a light switch, the scene will get a blackout for a while. During this time, the fires are out and won't kill you (nor can you see them). You can't see walls and containers (and heavy doors and ON gates) either, but you'll be able to see enemies, items, and other terrain features. You can't see Satan; this can often be inconvenient.

A Stop icon, or the broom, overrides and negates the effect of the light switch.

Fake Floor[edit]

A fake floor looks like a normal floor, but if you stand squarely on this 2-space feature, it will disappear and you will fall through. You can also knock out a fake floor by jumping from below and hitting it squarely with your head. The hammer has no effect on fake floors.

A fake floor won't collapse if you don't stand squarely on it. You can even stand between 2 consecutive sections of fake floors without causing either one to collapse (in scene 8, Satan's room).

Concealed Wall[edit]

They look like empty space, but when you try to pass through, a wall appears. They are the same as walls in every respect except in appearance before you touch them. (They block enemies even when invisible.)

Fake Wall[edit]

These are actually containers; see the Items page.

Cockroach Trap[edit]

Psychic 5 terrain Poipoi.png

Its inner surfaces are painted with special sticky liquid. If you try to walk through it, you'll be slowed down and you can't jump. You can avoid being affected by hovering past it above.

Telephone Booth[edit]

Psychic 5 terrain Booth.png

This allows you to change Espers.