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Jill needs help. She's been infected with the T-Virus, so now you'll have to take Carlos to the Hospital and find the cure.

Carlos has only got a few things in his inventory, so you'll have to be careful not to waste your ammo. After Jill speaks a few words you'll have to leave the chapel. Head towards the room where Jill tried the different gems of the statues in the three clocks. Once there, if you walk straight ahead, you'll find a smaller room. Remove the object that is blocking your way and go outside. You'll see a few zombies; you can kill them, or if you don't want to waste your precious ammo evade them and run to your left, to the Hospital.

Now that you're finally in, get ready because you'll be intercepted by two hunters. Kill them and walk to the next room. Breathe, it's a save room.

Head to the next room, you'll see an elevator. First, you'll need to take a VOICE RECORDER from the table, then you’ll have to walk to the elevator where you'll have to use the recorder in order to make the doors open.

Once in the elevator you have two choices: 4F or B3. Pick 4F and step outside: in this floor you’ll see a hall with a door at the end and another hall (smaller) with two doors. Head to the door in the main hall and get in. You’re going to see a cut scene in this part.

Go behind the desk, you’ll find a SICK ROOM KEY. Then leave the room. Get in the first room of the other hall, you’re going to see the corpse of a doctor lying in the floor. Inspect him, he has a NUMBER written and you’ll need it later. Leave this room and go to next one. (Use the SICK ROOM KEY).

Now, in this room you are going to see an object (a piece of furniture) that you can move. If you pay attention, you’ll see that in each corner of the room there are silver tiles, or similar. You’ll have to move this object and make sure it makes contact with these tiles. You’ll have to try this maybe more than once. (Leave the room and enter again if you moved the object in a wrong tile, so the object will appear in the original position for you to try again).

Once you succeeded, you’re going to hear a click and the picture in the wall is going to fall. There is a box now. This box in the wall will only open if you press the NUMBER that the dead doctor had in the previous room. So press them, and the box will open. You’ll find the VACCINE CAPSULE. Now get back to the elevator, and press B3.

You may encounter hunters when you step outside this time, so get ready. Walk all the way through the corridor and get in the lab. You’ll see two tanks with a hunter-frog in each one, in some liquid. Don’t worry for now, they won’t come out. In this room you’ll find a MEDIUM BASE. To play the next puzzle you need to activate the power switch to start the Chemical Synthesizer, (the machine is beside the water tanks). You’ll see that the tubes with the creatures inside are going to drain. Place the MEDIUM BASE into the machine.

Now it’s time to solve the puzzle. There are five switches. You’ll have to try a while; you need to get the two levels equal. To solve this, first move the first switch then move the third switch and then go down below and move the A switch. Once you do this, you’ll get the VACCINE MEDIUM. Combine the VACCINE MEDIUM with the VACCINE CAPSULE you got before and you’ll have the ANTI-VIRUS for Jill.

Before you can leave the room, the hunters will break the water tanks and you’ll have to face them. Get out of the lab. (If the hunters didn’t appear in the hall before, they might appear in this part, so careful) Take the elevator and go down, you’ve finished with the Hospital. Before you come out the lift, take those zombies down (they’re not too many, but just in case). When you get to the main entrance of the Hospital, you’ll see a time-bomb. Run before the time is over. You’ll see a cut scene.

Now the Hospital is gone. Make your way to Jill. Before you get to her, Nemesis will appear again. Don’t fight him, just run to the chapel and use the vaccine on Jill.