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There are a variety of machines needed to take care of your fields.

Machine List[edit]

Machine Description Required for Price (new/high) Size
Tractors Tractors are used for pulling plows, planters, sprayers, and trailers. Planting, Spraying 400 1 square
Plows Plows are used to ready a field for planting. A tractor is required for pulling. Planting 200 1 square
Planters Planters are used for planting seed in fields. A tractor is required for pulling, and seed is required for planting. Planting 200 1 square
Sprayers Sprayers are used to spray chemicals on fields. A tractor is required for pulling and chemicals are needed for spraying. Spraying 200 1 square
Harvesters Harvesters are used to harvest crops from fields. A trailer is required for harvesting, and a truck is required to carry the harvest to a silo or the town. Harvesting 400 2 squares
Trailers Trailers are used to store harvested crops while they are being harvested. A harvester is required for pulling. Harvesting 200 2 squares
Trucks Trucks are used to transport harvested crops from fields to silos or the town. Harvesting 500 2 squares
Crop Dusters Crop Dusters are used to efficiently spray large numbers of fields. Requires an airport in town for storage. Spraying (instead of tractor/sprayer) 6000 N/A


Machines have three quality levels: A (High), B (Fair), C (Poor), and X (Bad). Fair and poor machinery sell for less than High (each level is half the previous). Bad machinery sells for very little, and does not work.

Machinery declines in quality with age, and cannot be improved. You can prolong the life of your machines by storing machines in a barn or shed, and making sure the machines have complete road access between their storage location and any fields they service. Paved roads are better than dirt roads for protecting your machine's quality.


If you have the AutoLease option enabled, your farm will automatically pay to lease any equipment your field needs that you don't have in stock.

This will also take effect if you don't have enough equipment. For example, if you have one Harvester, but three fields need harvested the same week, autolease will lease two extra harvesters. This is usually not ideal, as a single tractor or harvester can potentially cover many fields within a single week.