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The characters in the game are designed in a chibi style, with big heads and small bodies. It has been suggested that the game became a cult classic because of these character designs, whose chibi style and very large noses broke most other trends of game character design.

Slash Kamei[edit]

Age 10, male

Slash is technically the most balanced character in the game and as such is good for beginners. He has long, black spiky hair and wears yellow and blue goggles. He's well suited for use with a Level 2 or 3 All Around board. Slash is automatically selected as the character used at the training mode, and in the shot and item demos. According to the background material, he considers himself to be the fastest in the village. He has too much energy for his own good and is always fighting with Linda.

  • Speed-2
  • Turn-2
  • Tricks-2

Nancy Neil[edit]

Age 10, female

Nancy is the slowest character on the course, but has a very good set of tricks. Players who favour using tricks to gain money may be suited to her. She's at her best when paired with a Level 3 All Around board. Nancy wears pink clothes, has rabbit-style ears, a purple bow on her back and hearts painted on her face. According to the background material for the game, she regards herself as being very modest, and never brags about her skills, even though she is easily the best at performing tricks.

  • Speed-1
  • Turn-3
  • Tricks-3

Jam Kuehnemund[edit]

Age 10, male

Jam is often considered the best of the initially-available characters in the game for his notable handling and tricks, although he is one of the slowest characters. Distinguished by his brown dreadlocks, he also wears blue goggles and a white and purple striped beanie. The background materials tell us that Jam follows the New York Rap Scene and refuses to believe that Nancy is better at tricks than he is, so he desperately wants to beat her.

  • Speed-1½
  • Turn-2½
  • Tricks-2½

Linda Maltinie[edit]

Age 11, female

Linda is one of the fastest characters in the game but suffers from poor handling and average tricks. She wears red and blue goggles, a bikini top and leopard skin pants. The background materials describe that when Linda was 7, she moved to Snow Town because she needed to stay at a hospital there to receive treatment for a rare disease. She recovered eventually, but wished to stay in the village because she liked it so much. Linda's brother Brad replaces her in the Nintendo DS version of Snowboard Kids.

  • Speed-2½
  • Turn-1½
  • Tricks-1½

Tommy Parsy[edit]

Age 10, male

Tommy is the fastest character available by default but has the worst handling and trick ability. He wears bright green clothes and has a bandage on his nose. The background materials state that he's often teased by Slash because of his considerable weight problem; despite this the two of them remain friends.

  • Speed-3
  • Turn-1
  • Tricks-1


Age unknown, male

Shinobin is initially found as an opponent in the last level, and is very difficult to beat. Once defeated, he is unlocked as a usable character. He is a ninja wearing a black shinobi shozoku. He has the most unique of snowboards, ranging from scrolls to Kunai. Little is known about him, including his age. Like Slash, Shinobin has average stats.

  • Speed-2½
  • Turn-2½
  • Tricks-2½