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  • Utapau: Home to Garneck Fey, the Utai and the Pauans, also the location where General Grevious dies.
  • Mustafar: The lava planet Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi dueled at and where the CIS council died at.
  • Coruscant (?): The Planet where Palpatine commands the Imperial Navy at and where Operation Knightfall was battled at.
  • Kamino: The Planet where the Clone Troopers were cloned at.
  • Kashyyyk: The planet where the Wookies lived at.
  • Dagobah: The planet Yoda got exiled at.
  • Tatooine: The Planet that Anakin hated due to his mom died there and Luke lived there.
  • Endor: The planet the Ewoks lived at and where the Death Star II orbits.
  • Yavin IV: The planet that the Death Star I threatens but Luke saved that planet.
  • Korriban: The planet that has a lot of dark power at.
  • Dathomir: The planet that the Nightsisters lived at.