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Name Description
Ailment Resist 50% resistance to status ailments.
Anti-fire ATK Up after receiving a fire attack.
Anti-water ATK Up after receiving a water attack.
Anti-wind ATK Up after receiving a wind attack.
Arrow Dodge May evade arrow attacks.
Blind Immunity Negate Blind.
Burn Immunity Negate Burn.
Caltrop Damage adjacent enemies at end of turn.
Coach Increase EXP gain for adjacent allies.
Conductor's Insight Strengthen any adjacent Witches.
Counter Counter after receiving an enemy attack.
Defender May negate damage dealt to an ally.
Defiance Increase turn speed when attacked.
Desperation Stats increase when HP is low.
Disable Immunity Negate all disabling status ailments.
Fire Boost Deal increased fire damage.
Follow Up Gain a turn after defeating an enemy.
Freeze Immunity Negate Freeze.
Frenzy Negate status ailments when HP is low.
General Increase stats of all Harbingers in battle.
Guardian Adjacent tiles are impassable by enemies.
Guts Survive a fatal attack with 1 HP.
Heal Boost Heal skills recover more HP.
HP Recovery Recover HP at end of turn.
Infiltrate Negate enemy Guardian ability.
Intimidate Slightly weaken adjacent enemies.
Lock Pick Unlock doors and treasure chests.
Lone Struggle Increased stats when no allies remain.
Low HP: ATK Up ATK Up when HP is low.
Low HP: Crit Up Crit Up when HP is low.
Magic Shield Negate any magic damage less than 20.
Pack Hunter Increase stats when allies of the same type are present.
Paralysis Immunity Negate Paralysis.
Parry May negate physical damage.
Poison Counter Counter enemy attack and inflict Poison.
Poison Immunity Negate Poison.
Pre-emptive Strike May attack before the enemy.
Range Up Increase attack range by 1.
Reduce SP Cost Skill SP Cost is reduced.
Refresh May cure status ailments at end of turn.
Sprint Can move unaffected by land type.
Status Ailment+ Increased chance of status ailment success.
Sword-Drawing Counter May counter while in Sword-Drawing Stance.
Sword-Drawing Pre-emptive Strike May perform a pre-emptive strike in SD Stance.
Tailwind Increase movement for adjacent allies.
Triple Move Can move up to 3 times per turn.
Vitality Take less damage when HP is low.
Water Boost Deal increased water damage.
Water Veil Reduce physical damage received.
Wind Boost Deal increased wind damage.
Witch Hunt Increased damage to Witches.