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During mission time, battles are available on the world map. To enter a battle, go to the location, press A button, and confirm. Some battles may require play coins.

Battles are turn based on an isometric grid. They have three types of conditions: victory, defeat, and special. Completing the victory conditions is required to beat the mission, while triggering a defeat condition is an instant game over. Special conditions are optional objectives that reward an extra item at the end of battle. The conditions can be viewed by touching the mission tab on the lower screen.

Battle Prep[edit]

Before the battle begins, you need to deploy units. The maximum number of units is indicated on the top screen in the bottom left corner. Required units will already be placed on the map. When you are ready, press Start button.


Increases damage dealt by physical attacks.
Increases damage dealt by magic attacks.
Reduces damage taken from physical attacks.
Reduces damage taken from magic attacks.
Increases accuracy and evasion rate for physical attacks. Also affects turn order.
Increases accuracy and evasion rate for magic attacks. Also increases critical hit rate.


Units and skills have either one of four element types or a non-element type. Non-elemental types are not affected by element types.

Element Weak Against Strong Against
Fire Water Wind
Water Earth Fire
Earth Wind Water
Wind Fire Earth