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The story progress between Free Time and Mission Time. Free Time is represented as blue dots and Mission Time as red dots. During Free Time, you can perform three actions. Mission Time advances when events and battles are completed. Once all time slots are completed, the next chapter begins.


Lambert, the Royal Capital, acts as the main hub where you can prepare before advancing the story. It offers the following services.

Available during Free Time:

Knight Barracks
Talk to other characters to raise affinity
Tuning Hall
Tune witches
Red Bear Tavern
Take on jobs
Explore surroundings and find items

Available anytime:

Bianca's Armory
Buy and sell items
Franz Atelier
Buy, sell, and refine orbs
Alto's Room
Save and configure StreetPass


Each level requires 100 experience. When a character levels up, stat points are applied automatically and HP and SP are fully restored. New skills or abilities may be learned.


During Free Time, you can spend one action by talking to other characters at the Knights Barracks to form bonds and increase their affinity. A short dialogue will play and afterwards the character will learn a new skill or ability. For witches, sometimes they may hide something, which is indicated by chains. Progress stops until you tune the witch at the Tuning Hall. Depending on the current story line, you may not be able to talk to some characters.