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Once you climb up the ladder and get above ground, you're going to run into Birdo again. This time, she's not meant to be a mini-boss; she's actually there to help you. Jump on one of her eggs and ride it across the ocean. Next, move toward the two towers. Guess who's waiting inside: Fryguy.

Balanced character selection
While Princess is the worst choice for lifting, she does have a long jump that puts Mario and Toad to shame. And on this stage, that long jump can come in handy for a major shortcut. Luigi can jump the best overall, with a high and long jump combination (not as long as the Princess, but best overall). There isn't a great coin collecting spot, or very many other items to lift, so she's the best pick on this stage.

Map A[edit | edit source]

Map B[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

(1) Sub-space 1. Here are three ice poles. Enter Sub-space here, and you'll find a Mushroom at the top of the center pole. Bring the potion from where Birdo is and make yourself a door here.

(2) All aboard the Egg Eggspress. Wait! Don't defeat this Birdo—as much as you may want to. You're going to need to hitch a ride on one of her eggs to get across the ocean. Wait on her right-hand side, and hop on top of the next egg that's flying your way.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

If you're playing with Luigi or Princess, you can skip the first tower and leap to the right of the first door to find a platform with two doors. The right door leads to the boss room, and the left door is the one you'd come out of if you take the long route. The shortcut will cause you to miss out on a Mushroom however (and a bit more, like Ace Coins in Super Mario Advance). Interestingly, no character in Doki Doki Panic can make the jump, since B-button running is not possible.

(3) Not for the faint of heart. You'll need an incredible jumper if you plan on bypassing both towers. The Princess or Luigi can make this leap if you're moving at top speed. If you make it, run right ahead to door F.

Map C[edit | edit source]


(4) The thorny floor is bad news. You will start out on the bottom of the tower (shown to the right) and you must climb and make your way to door C at the top of the tower (shown to the left). About half way up the tower, you'll find a bed of spikes on a platform. If you let yourself touch this floor, you'll be dead before you have time to jump. Take a big detour to the right, then go to the center and climb up quickly.

Super Mario Advance Mushroom

In Super Mario Advance, you may be rewarded if you dare to operate a little closer to that spiked floor than you might have planned. A new patch of grass hides a potion underneath. Collect it and use it around here to create a door to Sub-space. Step inside, and you will find another of the newly added mushrooms that can boost your health up to five.

(5) Jump—but carefully! The floor inside is covered with ice. Not only is the floor slippery, but you also have Flurry diving at you from above. Keep your footing as you try to move fast using avoidance tactics. Be brave, but be careful.

Map D[edit | edit source]

(6) Sub-space 2. Watch for the two patches of grass on the bridge between the towers. In the patch on the left is the Potion. Take it and go from the left clouds to the top of the tower, and all the way to the right before entering Sub-space. A Mushroom is waiting there for you.

Map E[edit | edit source]


(7) Step on Shyguy. Now you start at the top (shown left) and must work your way to the bottom (shown right). You'll find another thorny floor. You can't make it the usual way this time. Take the hard-headed approach. Jump onto Shyguy's head and then ride him to the door below.

(8) The Key's in here. Enter this door and you'll be in a room with a Key. Take this Key and go down to the bottom of map E. If you see Flurry, hit him with the Key and he'll be gone.

(9) Unlock the door and scram! As long as you have the Key, you can open this door, which will situate you at the bottom of the right tower. From here, all you have to do is run right through door F, which will take you to map F.

Map F[edit | edit source]

(10) The calm before the storm. There are only two Flurries (one in Super Mario Advance) and a Crystal Ball in this room. In Super Mario Advance, the grass on the right side of the hawkmouth gate is a heart. Quickly get to the Mast Gate and into the room with the mini-boss. Prepare yourself: this is Fryguy's territory! And you won't believe all the hot ideas he has on how to keep you out.

Boss: Fryguy[edit | edit source]

Fryguy is one tough customer! World 4 might be a frozen world, but Fryguy is a ball of fire. He's the strongest mini-boss you've met yet.

Phase 1

He moves along the bottom of the room in a figure-eight or arc pattern. This room has a wrap-around effect, so you can walk off the right side to come in on the left side and vice versa. When he spits flames from his mouth, attack with Mushroom Blocks from the upper platforms. If three Mushroom Blocks strike him, he will split himself into four pieces and keep coming at you!

Phase 2
Fryguy splits into four small flames that hop towards you.

As you knock out each of these smaller fireballs, the others will move faster and jump higher, until all four are defeated. It will be difficult to grab Mushroom Blocks from the floor as the final fireballs are bouncing around, so try to move them all up to higher platforms before splitting up Fryguy. Use the Mushroom Blocks skillfully for attack and defense, or you'll never win.