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While Super Mario All-Stars contained ports that almost identically corresponded to their NES counterparts with the only real change being an audio and graphical upgrade, Super Mario Advance contains numerous differences from its previous incarnations. Here are the primary differences from Super Mario Advance and the NES version.

General Changes[edit]

Item NES SNES Game Boy Advance
Screen resolution 256 × 240 256 × 224 240 × 160
Save option No Yes Yes

Gameplay Changes[edit]

Item NES SNES Game Boy Advance
During a level
Heart points when entering Max Max 1
Mushrooms 2 Mushrooms
(max 4 heart points)
2 Mushrooms
(max 4 heart points)
3 Mushrooms
(max 5 heart points)
After being defeated Cannot change character until a level is finished Can change character Can change character
Super Enemies No No Yes
After an enemy is defeated Reappears when out of the player's view Reappears when out of the player's view Reappears upon reentering the enemy's area
Points No No Applied to defeated enemies, pulled plants, and collected coins
Yoshi's Challenge mode No No Yes
Items and objects
Ace Coins No No Yes
1-Up Mushroom in a bubble No No Yes
Super Vegetables No No Yes
Heart Radishes No No Yes
Super POW Blocks No No Yes
Birdo's bow Not interactable Not interactable Interactable
(Doesn't work on a Pink Birdo or Robirdo)
Koopa Shell
After defeating enemies Nothing happens Nothing happens Hearts appear
Hitting a wall It disappears It disappears It bounces back
Harming the player No No Yes
Bonus Chance
Betting more than 1 coin No No Yes
"7" icon No Yes Yes
Slot stop timing Instant Delayed Delayed

Audio / Visual Changes[edit]

Item NES SNES Game Boy Advance
General (Visual)
Transitions Color background flash Fades into black Quick white flash
Toad's head White cap with blue spots Light brown cap with red spots White cap with red spots
Koopa Shell's appearance Small and unpixelated Small and unpixelated Large and pixelated
Clawgrip's origins A large crab A large crab A large Sidestepper
Birdo's bow No Yes Yes
New graphics for inside a vase No No Yes
General (Audio)
Voice samples No No Main characters and bosses
Boss forewarning music No No Yes
New music for inside a vase No No Yes
Character selection
Selection orientation In a row In a row In a circle
Character ratings No No Yes
Palette changes
Autobomb Black Blue Grey
Hoopster Red Red Yellow
Phanto White and red Yellow Yellow
Pidget Black Blue Purple
Pidget's carpet White Yellow Red

Naming Changes - Enemies and Bosses[edit]

Note that some official strategy guides may have different names, tending towards what the Game Boy Advance version has.

Item NES SNES Game Boy Advance
Ladybug insect Hoopstar (in game)
Hoopster (manual)
Hoopstar Hoopster
Walking bomb Bob Omb (in game)
Bob-Omb (manual)
Bob Omb Bob-Omb
Large crab boss Clawglip (in game)
Clawgrip (manual)
Clawglip Clawgrip
Masked robe creature Shyguy Shyguy Shy Guy
Pink dinosaur boss Ostro Ostro Birdo
Tall bird Birdo Birdo Ostro

Level Changes[edit]

Item NES SNES Game Boy Advance
Enemies Less Less More
Hearts Less Less More
Vases Less Less More
1-1: Super Shy Guy and Platform in the first area No No Yes
3-3 Boss Mouser Mouser Robirdo
6-3 Boss Tryclyde Tryclyde Mouser