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This game features warps that allow you to jump ahead a couple of worlds just like the warp zones made popular by the original Super Mario Bros. However, these warp zones work a little differently. To activate them, you must find particular jars and enter them while in Sub-space. This requires locating a Potion and setting it down in the proper location. There are exactly four warps in the game, and the following table will illustrate how to find them.

Image Location Destination How to find
SMB2 warp 1-3.png World 1-3 World 4 At the very end of the last world of World 1, you will find a lone jar just beyond the door that leads to the indoor portion of the stage. Grab a potion from just before the building and bring it all the way past the door with you. Set it down and hop inside Sub-space to find the first warp to World 4.
SMB2 warp 3-1.png World 3-1 World 5 You'll have to travel quite a ways before you can access this warp, but fortunately, it's through some of the easier worlds. Once you reach the waterfall in the first world of World 3, bravely jump down to the bottom. Stay to the center of the screen as you fall. Once you reach the door at the bottom, head inside, find the Potion among the floor full of vegetables, and drop it off next to the jar to the right.
SMB2 warp 4-2.png World 4-2 World 6 At a certain point in the second world of World 4, you will have to brave the backs of whales. Towards the end of the section, you will notice a lone jar on an island below an ice platform. You'll have to bravely grab the Potion from the high rocks and make your way to the whales before the platform, and safely jump to the island. Set the Potion down and hop in the jar for a warp to World 6.
SMB2 warp 5-3.png World 5-3 World 7 A jar that is particularly difficult to reach can be found at the very start of the final world of World 5, right as you climb up the ladder at the beginning of the stage. Luigi is particularly good at reaching the jar. Otherwise, you'll have to rely on another character making use of an Albatoss flying back to the left, all the while holding a Potion as you try to get there. The jar contains a warp to World 7 when you access it in Sub-space.