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Box artwork for Super World Stadium '99.
Super World Stadium '99
Year released1999
Preceded bySuper World Stadium '98
Followed bySuper World Stadium 2000
SeriesWorld Stadium
Japanese titleスーパーワールドスタジアム'99
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Super World Stadium '99 (スーパーワールドスタジアム'99, literally: Sūpā Wārudo Sutajiamu '99), is a baseball arcade game that was released by Namco in 1999 only in Japan; it runs on Namco System 12 hardware and is the twelfth entry in the company's long-running World Stadium series. It is also the fifth entry in the series that does not use a Yamaha YM-2151 FM sound chip for music (as with its four immediate predecessors, it uses a C352 custom sound chip for everything) and the second title in the series which features three-dimensional polygonal graphics (as well as non-identical-looking players).

For the twelfth occasion, players must select from one of twelve returning real-life teams from the last seven titles, as well as the USA team from the last three (who have undergone a second renaming, to "USA All-Stars", as they were known as "Beikoku-Dai Leaguers" in Super World Stadium '98), and the User Team, Namco Stars and Yamato Nadeshiko Pretties from the aforementioned SWS '98 (the third of whom have also undergone renaming, to "Nikotama Gals"), along with two new fictitious teams that were invented specifically for this title (the Central League All-Stars and Pacific League All-Stars, who replace the Tekken Warriors and Kabushiki Gaisha Salarymans); the Namco Stars also appeared in the Famicom games Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium and Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium '87, which were the inspiration for the WS series. They must then select one of twelve new stadiums for the match to take place in (Seaside and Air Dome, originally known as "Dome", from the last eight titles, Hillside, Urban and Kaihei Dome from the last four titles, Trad, formerly known as "Kōshien", from all eleven previous titles, Bay Area, Owari Dome, Naniwa Dome, Forest and Setōchi from SWS '98 and the new-for-1999 Kasenjiki, which replaces the Mishima Dome) - however, the rules are the same as those of SWS '98.

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