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Battle of Olympus world map.png

The Battle of Olympus is an adventure game where you can choose to access many different locations at various times throughout the game. However, many of the areas in the game will remain inaccessible to you until you collect the proper item, or gain the proper power, that enables you to survive in that area. As a result, a few of the items that you collect are required to complete the game. Other items are not required, but certainly help you by increasing your strength or defense, and making it easier to clear or get past difficult enemies.

The following list is all of the tasks that you need to, or may opt to, complete in order to beat the game and rescue your girlfriend from Hades:

  • Beginning in Arcadia, travel to the far right side to the white house, pass through the house, defeat the Bull on the way to Zeus' temple, and speak with Zeus to get the help of the other gods.
  • Travel from Arcadia to Attica, and visit the city of Athens. Walk to the right side to visit the Temple of Athena, and speak with Athena to obtain her shield, which blocks projectiles (optional).
  • Return to the main portion of Attica and visit the lowest region to fight and defeat Lamia. Rescue the boy in the cave behind Lamia, and return to his mother's house to obtain the Staff of Fennel.
  • Return to Arcadia from Attica, and take the path to through the tree, which eventually leads to Argolis.
  • In Argolis, visit the left cave first, defeat the Lion on the right side, and speak with Prometheus to learn how to use the Staff of Fennel's secret fire power.
  • Exit from this cave, and visit the right cave. Make your way to the Temple of Hermes, only to find out that he's been summoned by Zeus. If you have 50 Olives, fall into the Salamander pit to the left of the temple, and purchase the first Ambrosia (optional).
  • Return from Argolis to Zeus' temple in Arcadia to meet Hermes and obtain his Sandals. Then proceed to the right end of Arcadia to access the forest in Peloponnesus.
  • Navigate the maze of forests in Peloponnesus to find Apollo's temple and obtain his Harp. Then proceed to Hydra's den and defeat it in order to rescue the forest Nymph who gives you a sword.
  • Head to the path in the forest that leads to a Cyclops. Strike one of the trees while standing on a branch to discover an Ambrosia, then defeat the Cyclops using your newly acquired sword to reach the door to Laconia.
  • Strike one of the pillars on the right side of Laconia to obtain a Pitcher for holding Nectar (optional). Then strike another pillar nearby to access the secret entrance to Poseidon's temple. Purchase the Ocarina from him for 60 Olives.
  • Exit from the temple, and access the cave in the lower right corner of Laconia. Inside, you'll encounter another Cyclops, which you should defeat to obtain another Ambrosia, and you will find a Spring of Recovery behind him where you can fill up your pitcher (optional).
  • Stand on the water's edge in Laconia and use the Ocarina to summon a dolphin. Ride the dolphin to the Island of Ruins far to the right. Battle the Siren, and use the Harp to disrupt her charm song.
  • After defeating the Siren, a door will open, which leads to the three Witches of Graeae. Defeat all three of them to obtain the Eye of Graeae.
  • Collect the eye and return to the first cave in Argolis. Use the Eye near the left side of the cave to reveal a hidden door. Pass through and head to the left to find the first Nymph protecting a Fragment of Love. While you're here, you may wish to enter the Salamander pit in an effort to collect 20 skins.
  • Return to the mansion in the town of Athens in Attica. Visit the man inside with the first Fragment of Love, and he will give you a key. Then visit the boulder blocking the path on the far right side of Attica.
  • Use the Ocarina to awaken the boulder, named Gaea. Defeat Gaea and pass through the door to reach Phthia.
  • Start by heading to the left side of Phthia. Very carefully navigate the jumps over the gaps in an effort to reach Hephaestus' temple. Pay him 70 Olives for the privilege of wielding the Divine Sword, which contains the Power of Argos (optional).
  • On the way back to the start of Phthia, travel a bit further to the right before climbing back down the stairs to find a man who will provide you with an Ambrosia.
  • Back at the start, make your way to the right. Climb up the stairs and continue until you encounter the Centaur. Defeating him is optional. Access the waterfall on the far right side, and pass through behind it in order to find a cave.
  • Use the Eye of Graeae in this cave to discover a second hidden door. Pass through it to discover a locked door, behind which awaits the second Nymph with a fragment of love. Collect it and continue through the exits on the right.
  • In the Garden of the Hesperides, walk to the right to challenge the dragon Ladon for the right to claim the Golden Apple (optional).
  • Return to Laconia, and use the dolphin to reach the Island of Ruin, and then once more to access the ocean beyond the island. You will reach Crete.
  • On Crete, navigate through the maze of multi-colored rooms to locate the temple of Ares, where you can purchase the Power Bracelet for 80 Olives (optional), convert 20 snake skins into a Flame shield for 80 Olives (optional), and defeat the Minotaur in order to rescue the Nymph with the third Fragment of Love.
  • Leave Crete and return to Attica in order to summon a dolphin where you defeated the Lamia, and swim to Phrygia.
  • Climb the tower in Phrygia to reach the temple of Artemis, where you will obtain the Moon Crystal. Along the way, you can collect another Ambrosia from a woman who awaits you inside the tower.
  • Return to Crete or Argolis and summon a dolphin to swim to the entrance of Tartarus. Enter the correct sequence of doors to reach the boss Cerberus.
  • Defeat Cerberus to enter Tartarus proper, and make your way to the entrance of the Palace of Hades. In the palace, reach the end to enter combat with Hades. Defeat Hades in battle to rescue your girlfriend.