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Tombs & Treasure NES map.jpg
  1. Nunnery
  2. High Priest's Tomb
  3. El Castillo
  4. Well of Paradise
  5. El Caracol
  6. Court of Columns
  7. Temple of Warriors
  8. Ball Court
  9. Well of Sacrifice


June 10th
Professor Imes sets out for Chichen Itza with 7 men.
June 22nd
One man disappears while studying El Castillo Pyramid
July 9th
Three men disappear while researching the Well of Sacrifice.
July 14th
Professor Imes and 2 others vanish mysteriously while excavating the Ball Court. Only the guide returns.
July 17th
The professor's notes and a few artifacts are found in the Well of Sacrifice.

Prof. Imes was an expert on ancient Mayan writing. He read in an old book that the mythical Sun Key was hidden at Chichen Itza & set out to discover it. Prof. Imes' daughter was a close friend. Since it was summer vacation, we decided to go to Mexico to solve the mystery of his disappearance.

Starting a new game[edit]

You begin inside the professor's laboratory where his secretary Anne is waiting.

Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 01.jpg
LOOK at anything
Anne will introduce herself. She tells you that the professor's notes and a few artifacts were found in the Well of Sacrifice, in the north of the ruins. The well had been emptied of water somehow, but it was rapidly filling up. There was more treasure with the note, but they could only recover the notes and the items on the desk. The guide Jose can tell you more and is on his way.
TAKE the Lighter
TAKE the Silver Key
TAKE the Sword
LOOK at the Notebook
You can only read parts of some passages:
  • "I must have the Sun Necklace to continue. I found it in the Warrior's Temple, but it was too dirty to show the sun's position..."
  • "...Who would have guessed there was a trick like that in El Castillo pyramid. There's a mountain of treasure..."
  • "...There are demons in the ruins, three men have already been killed..."
  • "...the demons, I must get the sword of..."
  • "...lost another man. We seem to have accidentally released the demons that were sealed in here by the ancient Mayans. My only chance is to defeat the demon Tentacula, but first I must find the Sun Key..."
GO ⇓
Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 01a.jpg
LOOK at Jose
He introduces himself and tells you that he worked with the professor. He doesn't know what happened to him. He regrets not being able to find the Sun Key. He confirms that they found the Sun Necklace in the Warrior's Temple, but that the demons appear to have put everything back as it was. He tells you that you'll want to go to the High Priest's Tomb to find the mosaic tile that will open the door to the treasure room. Before you do that, you should go to the Nunnery and find the Ixmol Jewel, which gives you a password so that you can continue your game.
GO ⇑

The Nunnery[edit]

Tombs & Treasure Walkthrough 02.jpg

You step out into the ruins. You will find the Nunnery one screen to the north. Step inside, and you will find three statues standing in a low-ceiling room.

TAKE the Ixmol Jewel
Don't worry about the light dying. It will still provide you with a password when you look at it in your inventory.
GO ⇓