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There are more tricks in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, but unlike the console version, you cannot change their moveset. Skaters can have up to six air tricks, two lip tricks, and six grinds. Doing the same trick in a session will lower it's value, up to a tenth of its original score. Note that any score with a + means that it can be held down continuously for extra points.

Air Tricks[edit]

Name Input Points
Judo A button + Up dpad 15
Method A button + Left dpad 10
Melon A button + Right dpad 20
Airwalk A button + Down dpad 10
Heelflip Varial Lien A button + Down dpad Left dpad 25
Crossbone A button + Down dpad Right dpad 25


Name Points
180 5 Points
360 8 Points
540 12 Points
720 15 Points
900 18 Points

Grind Tricks[edit]

Name Input Points
5-0 Grind None 2+
Crooked Grind B button + Left dpad 6+
Board Slide B button + Right dpad 6+
Tail Slide B button + Left dpad Right dpad 9+
Nose Slide B button + Right dpad Left dpad 9+
Special Grind B button + Down dpad Right dpad 13+

Lip Tricks[edit]

Name Input Points
Handplant Up dpad 61+
Axle Stall Down dpad 61+