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It's back to school for the second level, but in a brand new campus different from the first game. There are tons of planters and benches to grind along with a couple of spots where you can jump to rooftops. Be careful when jumping from far above!

Grind All Planters[edit]

The Fandangle on a planter.

Cash Reward: $500

There are ten planters to grind, but thankfully they're separated into two sets and you can grind a few of them in one combo. From the starting point, the first six can be found below. Grind them all, preferably in two combos. Then use the ramp to the right of the planters to jump over the roof and go to the final four planters to grind. If you don't have enough speed or ollie to attempt that, you can go around the building by taking the sloped path up north.

10,000 Points[edit]

Cash Reward: $1,000

The huge slopes with rails are a big help here. Starting from the top left of the level, grind the rail, then jump and grind the next rail doing either air tricks or special move grinds inbetween. Keep this going until you see the slope starting to slant down and jump off at the top for a final air move with a rotation. Remember to brake in the air if you feel like you might jump over a rail or alternatively, pick the middle board to have less top speed.

Get All Cash[edit]

Cash Reward: $1,200

This goal is far harder than collecting S-K-A-T-E as there's eight cash icons and unlike the other games, they will respawn between sessions, so they all must be collected in one run.

  • $10: At the west side of the map, over a stair's railing. Grind the rail to get it, but save this one second.
  • $10: To the right of your starting position, over the lower ledge of the slope. Grind the rail and ollie for it and get this one first.
  • $10: To the right of the bottom row of planters in the middle section of the level. Use the nearby slope to ollie for it. You can also use the planter for extra height.
  • A Melon off a roof.
    $10: In front of the gym entrance at the east side of the map. Grind either rail in front of the entrance and jump at the middle to get this $10.
  • $10: Above a brick wall with two humps adjacent to it. Grind the brick wall and jump for it.
  • $10: At the bottom-right part of the map. You can ollie to get it or use one of the rails above for an extra height boost.
  • $20: To the right of the L-shaped building at the very bottom edge. Get up on the roof using the gaps at the north path or the ramps near the building. Touch the bottom edge and leap forward to the right.
  • $20: High above, near the left side of the green-roofed entrances. To get on the left roof, grind the walls below the entrances on the right end and hop up when you reach the middle. Press up again to give you more steering toward the roof. When you're up there, align yourself and ollie off the left edge to grab it.


Cash Reward: $1,500

The placement of these letters are much harder as most of them are very high up and require getting on top of buildings to reach them.

  • S: At the bottom right of the map, directly above a row of lockers. Drop down from a higher level to obtain it.
  • K: Above the first column of planters, floating high. From the start, skate left and down the ramp, then turn around and move to the bottom edge of the platform. Skate to the right while building up speed and jump for the K.
  • A: To the left of the L-shaped building, floating high. Use the ramps or the openings in the high path up north to get on the building. Line your skater with the bottom edge of the building that sticks out and skate left, jumping off the edge for the A.
  • T: In the middle of the map, between two entrances with green roofs. Grind the walls below the entrances to build some speed. When you reach the middle wall, tap up twice and steer yourself toward one of the green roofs. Stop to prevent yourself from falling off and turn around while aligning with the bottom edge. Skate forward and jump to get it. This is the hardest letter to get, because getting on either roof requires perfect timing on those up presses.
  • E: At the east side of the level, floating south of two square buildings (TC's Roof Gap). Use one of the kickers to jump onto the roof of one of the buildings. Go to the bottom edge of the roof and skate toward the E in the middle. Ollie and steer down to get it.