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In the first game, you only visited a mall in New York. Now you'll finally get to see the streets in all their glory. Take a stroll along Riverside Park, gander at the lower plaza area, or grind all the cars at the street. No subway or Brooklyn Banks, unfortunately, but there's still plenty to skate on.

Grind All Taxis[edit]

The third taxi.

Cash Reward: $400

There are eight taxis (the yellow cars) parked on the street. A simple ollie and grind is all it takes to mark them, so start by going all the way to the left edge of the level and grind them one by one. Since the game doesn't tell you which ones you tricked on, it's recommended to do in order. From the left side, the pattern of the taxis are top, bottom, top, top, bottom, top, bottom, and bottom.

5,000 / 10,000 Points[edit]

Cash Rewards: $500, $1,000

The best street line is grinding the rails below the roads in one long combo. Skate to the right until you reach the road that separates the street from the park. Grind the rail that doesn't slope down the banks and go forward. Ollie when you reach the end of the rail, do a trick in the air, and land in another grind. Keep this pattern up as you jump from rail to rail and mix up your grind tricks for even more points. You should get at least 3,000 points for each successful line.


Cash Reward: $1,500

3/4 levels have a lot more places for collectibles to hide, so the letters can be harder to spot. Fortunately they're still in order from left to right, so if you grab the A and miss the K, try going to the left to find it.

  • S: It's at the top left corner of the level, near a pawn shop. A simple ollie is all it takes.
  • K: Below the three-way intersection, above the slope that leads to the left bank. Ollie from the top to grab it.
  • A: It's high up in the east bank. Go the lower sidewalk of the street and ride near the rails until you see the A. You'll have to go to the right, steer down between two rails, and drop down to collect the A on the way. Time it right or you'll end up bumping into the rail, losing all your speed.
  • T: At the right side of the east bank. Go to the street near the park and line your skater with the upper rail that leads down the banks. Grind it and ollie off in the middle of going down to obtain the T.
  • E: It's at the top right corner of the level, in the park. Grind the rightmost bench after getting some speed and ollie off, steering down toward the E.

Cash Icons[edit]

3/4 view levels have far more space than side view levels and as a result, there's a lot more money to collect. Six of them are in the street area while two are in the park.

  • A $10 over a bench.
    $10: At the left edge of the level, high above a railing. Grind and ollie to collect it.
  • $10: At the west plaza, above a bunch of blue platforms. You can ollie up to the top or drop from below to get to it.
  • $10: Over a crosswalk at the T-shaped intersection. Align your skater with the yellow double line and ollie.
  • $10: To the right of the three-way intersection, another $10 is above a bench, between a red car and a rail.
  • $10: In the east plaza, you'll find this cash icon above a grey hump.
  • $10: Over a crosswalk between the streets and the park. Align your skater above the blue benches and ollie.
  • $10: In the park, there's a $10 above the planter in the middle of the area.
  • $10: In the park, the final cash icon is at the bottom right of the map. Grind the bottom planter and ollie, steering yourself down while in the air.