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The culmination of all your hard work: Skate Heaven. You got lots of skateable objects, but they're either placed on floating islands or suspended in the air. Be sure not to fall down when jumping from spot to spot.

Get All Cash[edit]

Cash Reward: $500

There are six $20s compared to five letters, so this goal is a little harder. Money respawns between sessions, so you have to collect all six for it to count.

  • A $20 above the HP.
    $20: At the left edge of the level, over a half pipe. Build speed from the top of the slope to reach it.
  • $20: Above the diagonal rails to the right of the starting point. Grind the top rail until you turn the other way and then jump off to collect the $20.
  • $20: Above the small halfpipe. Skate to the lip of the halfpipe and ollie over it for the third $20.
  • $20: Above the floating rails below the small halfpipe. From the start, grind the diagonal bottom rail and keep grinding until you reach the end of the first straight rail. Ollie off the rail and you should reach it.
  • $20: At the right side of the glass halfpipe. Just go back and forth on the HP until you have enough air for it.
  • $20: At the left side of the east halfpipe. Like the previous one, go back and forth on the HP until you have enough air for it.

One 12-Move Combo[edit]

Cash Reward: $1,000

You'll need to upgrade to the second best or best board for this line. From the start, skate to the right and carefully jump over the kicker, landing at the platform's edge. Ollie to the right and land on the diagonal rail below. Keep grinding until you ollie toward a small platform. Turn around to the left, ollie, do a spin, and land on the small floating rail. Jump to the next rail in succession, doing tricks inbetween. When you reach the diagonal rail again, grind until you turn to the right and jump off, doing an trick and a spin before grinding the rail again. You should eventually have 12 tricks when you reach the small platform again. Make sure you have enough time to do tricks between rails to count toward the multiplier.


Cash Reward: $2,000

Some of the letters are in precarious spots and missing them could mean falling into the bottom below, which wastes time. It's highly recommended to get at least the first board upgrade to get these letters. Moreover, you'll save time by getting the T, then the A.

  • The letter E.
    S: High up between a rail and a kicker to left of the starting point.
  • K: Slightly below the right edge of the island that has the small halfpipe. Carefully inch your way toward the edge and drop down. You should land on a small platform while collecting the K.
  • A: Between two rails under the glass halfpipe. Go to the right of the glass halfpipe until you see a gap between two platforms. Jump to the right platform and drop down the gap to the left, grinding the rail below. You should see the A coming up, so jump at the right time.
  • T: To the right of the glass halfpipe, above a quarterpipe. Jump over the gap and go up the QP for the T.
  • E: At the right edge of the level, above a quarterpipe. Use the nearby slope to get a lot of speed for the final letter.

20,000 Points[edit]

Cash Reward: $2,000

The twelve-move combo above is a great start to getting your score way up. Be sure to not fall while doing this line or you'll respawn at the starting point. You can also do vert tricks by going to the small halfpipe or the glass halfpipe. The latter is recommended as the small halfpipe is close to the top of the level, making it hard to tell when you'll finally come down as you'll float at the top edge for some seconds.