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Wii Sports Resort's basketball sport is played differently than standard basketball.There are two modes for B-Ball.

3-Point Competition[edit]

Your Mii will be at the court at night with 5 balls(plus the bonus ball)next to him. You press B pointing the Wii Remote down to pick up a ball. Then swing the wii remote over your head and try to get the ball through the hoop within 60 seconds. Every 5 thrown moves you to the next 5(25 balls in all plus 5 bonus balls). Continue until time is up or if you throw all balls. Then you get your score and your skill level either increases or decreases depending on how many points you earned.

Pickup Game[edit]

You verse an opponent on some 3-on-3 pickup B-Ball. You and the opponent's teams gather at a basketball hoop. To pass either press on the D-Pad or the A Button. To shoot, press B to enter "Shoot Mode". You have 5 seconds to shoot the ball or you "traveled". After shoot mode, the opponent gets the ball. If your opponent goes to shoot mode. You can flick upwards to block their shot. You can, if your close, flick to swipe the ball from them. If you run under the net and press B, you can dunk(but you can miss). By flicking downwards when close enough. Depending on how many shots you scored AND your opponents score varies skill level.