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Swordplay has three games, with the second and third ones becoming unlocked after playing the previous one. The viewpoint is from an almost-first person perspective, with your Mii semi transparent in front of you, holding your kendo sword. Slicing and blocking with the sword are very dependent on the angle at which you hold the sword, as you will often need to cut in a specific line to defeat your opponent, or rotate the sword to block his attack.

In Swordplay, it is very important to slice the right angles and hold your sword correctly for a block. Blocking will unbalance your opponent and give you the opportunity to counter. When you are blocked, your Mii is still able to block, but you must be fairly quick about it. To make effective strikes, you want to cut along the length of your opponent's blade. The more perpendicular you are to his or her sword, the more likely you will be blocked. Opponent Miis often move their swords around, so strike quickly.

The force with which you attack also determines how effective you are. Short, weak cuts may have no effect, precise though they may be. When your opponent is holding his sword horizontally, you'll need cut that way as well, but you also need to exaggerate the movement somewhat so it is recognized by the Wii. If you are sure of your angle, quick flicks of the wrist are the best attack, as they are speedy and powerful.


  • Remote button: Hold it vertically (pointing up) with both hands, as though it were a sword. Move Generic Up.png Generic Down.png Generic Left.png and Generic Right.png to swing the sword in a slice. Thrust the remote straight forward pointing at the screen to lunge.
  • B button: Puts your Mii into a defensive blocking mode. Your sword should be perpendicular to the incoming attack to be most effective.


Block and strike at the right times to eventually knock your opponent off the platform.
  • Players: 1–2

Duel is played on a lone platform, high above the sea. In two-player mode, the screen is split vertically, with Player 1 on the left and Player 2 on the right. The object is to hit your opponent with your sword until you knock him or her off the platform. The player who wins two of three matches first, wins. If you are tied after three rounds, you enter a sudden death match, where the outer portion of the platform falls away, making most decisions come down to just one hit.

Stamp Acquired
Cliff-hanger Tie all the way to the final round when the outer rings of the platform fall away. If you play for any length of time, this one will be earned naturally during gameplay.
Met Your Match Tie the tie-breaker round as well. Do this early on by just blocking everything before your opponents get very good.
One-Hit Wonder Knock your opponent off the platform with only one hit in a round. This is most easily accomplished by waiting for the tie-breaker round on the smaller platform.
Straight to the Point Knock your opponent off the platform with a lunge. This is much easier to accomplish when you first start playing, as it is harder than slicing and you won't want to use it often on tough opponents.
Last Mii Standing Defeat the Champion. He shows up around rank 1,500. He's hard, but by the time you get to him, you'll know what you need to do to win.

Speed Slice[edit]

Slice in the direction of the arrow.
  • Players: 1–2

In this game, the referee throws oversized objects up in the air, and when they come down they will be displaying a slice direction. Whoever cuts the object in the correct direction first, wins that round. Two-player mode is played full screen, with Player 1 on the left and Player 2 on the right. The first player to win ten rounds, wins the game. It is possible to slice first, but slice incorrectly. In that case, you don't get a second chance to do it right, and the other player can take his time making a good slice.

Stamp Acquired
Psychic Slice Slice an object correctly before it hits the ground. This is pure luck, just slice in an easy direction (like down) until you get it. Best to do on the early rounds before you have a score that might get tanked.
Double Time Slice the clock when it reads two of the same numbers, like 3.3 or 6.6. Don't worry about beating the other player, just try to slice a couple tenths of a second before a double is coming up.
Slice and Dice Play a round without making a bad slice or going over the time limit. You don't have to be the first to slice, so take your time.
Slicing Machine Slice one of each type of item. This can be done (and must be) over multiple rounds.
A Cut Above Beat the Champion. The Champion appears around rank 1,500.


1 Bridge
2 Lighthouse
3 Beach
4 Mountain
5 Forest
6 Ruins
7 Waterfall
8 Cliffs
9 Castle
10 Volcano
  • Players: 1
Make your way through hordes of enemies to complete the level.

Once the other two activities have been completed, the largest section will open up. In Showdown, your Mii runs through ten different levels fighting numerous opponents along the way. You get three hearts, which are displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen, and one hit from an opponent takes away a heart. After losing all your hearts, you are taken to the end game screen, where you can try again or go back to another game.

There are different numbers of opponents on each level, and your total completion during the level is tracked by percentage in the lower right corner of the screen. As you defeat opponents, you can accumulate combos by making chains of hits without mistakes. Being blocked or being hit will end your combo, although swinging and missing entirely will not. A trumpet sounds and your combo count is displayed at a five hit combo, a ten hit combo, and every ten hits from there on.

After beating a level, if your Mii is registered, you will see your rank progress chart. Your score is increased by using less hearts and having a higher combo (your longest combo is displayed at the end). Although difficulty is a factor, more emphasis is put on combos and hearts left than the difficulty of the level, so expect a high score to become increasingly hard to maintain at later levels, where you don't get much of a bonus for having to fight much tougher opponents.

After completing the first ten levels, you unlock the bonus stages, which are the original levels in reverse. Although they are the same levels, they continue to get harder all the way to the twentieth level. The opponents you face will have their names and hearts displayed, and their strength ranges from one to three hearts. You fight one opponent at a time, and an arrow cursor moves to the next opponent you face. Your Mii, when not fighting, will run through the level without your assistance. In that respect, Showdown plays much like an "on rails" game, with you just handling the combat.

Stamp Acquired
Not a Scratch Beat any level without getting hit. This is obviously most easily done on the earlier levels where your opponents are easier.
Sword Fighter Beat the first ten levels.
Perfect 10 Beat level 10 without taking a hit.
Swordmaster Beat all 20 levels.
Untouchable Beat level 20 without taking a hit.


Duel: if you defeat the champion, Matt, you will get his purple sword! You can use his purple sword by holding 1 button during the black screen load time!