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Burning man[edit]

  • Goal: 4 goos
  • OCD: 11 moves
  • Goo types: Bomb

Build a path to the flame at the bottom, avoiding the spikes. Attach the balloons on the bottom-right corner of the square. to get them towards the exit pipe.

OCD is possible by trying to hug the upper ceiling.

Second Hand Smoke[edit]

  • Goal: 12 goos
  • OCD: 25 goo
  • Goo types: Bomb, plain

To obtain your quota, build the tower, making sure the bomb goos have a clear path around the white goos; for best effect, make a complete circle.

Once the circle is complete, build towards the exit pipe. This causes the bomb goos to burn and eventually cause the white structure to fall onto the hand. The plain goos will then jump on to the structure and exit.

Any bomb goos that you collect are capable of bursting while in the exit pipe. As such, OCD may be difficult to obtain.

Misty's Long Bony road[edit]

  • Goal: 8 goos
  • OCD: 26 goo

Common, Bone

Bone goos are immune to spikes. As such, you will need to use them to brace the bridge against the ground, and may even have to move the bones.

For OCD, walk the bone goos to the hill just before the pipe, and build your tower there.

Super Fuse Challenge Time[edit]

  • Goal: 10 goos
  • OCD: 32 goo

Match, Beauty

This mission has a time limit, as shown by match fuses burning at the bottom; you have about 60 seconds before your tower collapses.

Build the tower to contact the beauty goo balls, and connect the tower to the beauty pipe. When you do, you should have at least enough goos to complete the mission. For OCD, however, you need to recover all 32 beauty goos.

The Third Wheel[edit]

  • Goal: 16 goos
  • OCD: 9 moves
  • Goo types: Pokey, Ivy, Bone

Get the pokey goo attached to the first spinning wheel, and when the structure reaches the top, attach it to the second one. Avoid the beautiful wheel until you collect the two bone goos. Once you have them, try setting them up at the right position, where they form a brace on each side of the platform of the rotating beauty. Once they are in position, plant the pokey goo between the two bones.

Upper Shaft[edit]

  • Goal: 10 goos
  • OCD: 45 goo
  • Goo types: Ivy, Common, Plain, Bomb

Use the ivy goos to lower the spiky bomb until it is between the two buildings. Move excess bomb goos to the ivy chain above, and ignite the bomb chain below by building downward.

Start building from the hanging ivy chain at the top to reach the exit.

Water lock[edit]

  • Goal: 36 goos
  • OCD: 44 goo
  • Goo types: Plain, Blow

Attach the blow goo to the large circle in the rotating area. When it reaches the bottom, detach it.

OCD only requires collecting all plain goos.

You have to Explode the Head[edit]

  • Goal: 4 goos
  • OCD: 49 goo
  • Goo types: Bomb, Plain

Build a tower to the side of the spinning robot head, being careful not to touch the flame or head until the spiky bomb becomes active. Once the bomb is ready, attach it to the robot and ignite the matches, being sure to preserve as many as possible from destruction.

Once the head is destroyed, you can build a path to the exit.

Incineration Destination[edit]

  • Goal: 12 beauty goos
  • OCD: 34 moves
  • Goo types: Boom, Albino, beauty

Build a tower of matches straight up. If it begins to topple when it is short, reinforce it with an albino goo. When it becomes long enough, try to topple it to the other side, and quickly make the final connection with the bomb goo as it falls. Attach the two sticky bombs to the appropriate walls, and create the upper bridge layer with an albino chain.

Start burning the bridge. When the bombs burn away, the albino chain will fall and stick to the sides. The beauty goos will fall into the chain. Build a tower to the exit to complete the level.

Product launcher[edit]

  • OCD: 12 moves

Detach the ivys. This breaks the large goo balls into smaller pieces.

Once the matches wake up, build a tower to the flame above.

Completing this mission will launch Product Z. This upgrades the World of Goo Corporation, improving the graphical quality and making it less boring. However, your task is not yet complete...