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There are many types of goo balls in the game and each of them have unique abilities. The player needs to exploit their combinations in order to complete each of the levels. Some of the ordinary balls have no special abilities, and permanently attach themselves to the structure. While part of the structure, they cannot be used elsewhere nor they can reach the pipe to be rescued.

A permanently attached goo ball can separate from the structure if it touches a non-lethal side, however, this more commonly produces a structure that buckled under its own weight rather than being a useful trick.

Common Goo The standard, black ball. Two connections max on placement. Pushes/pulls connections to its optimum length.
Albino Goo White goo ball. Four connections max on placement. Does not push/pull strongly to gain optimum length.
Ivy Goo Can be attached and detached from the structure. Three connections max on placement. Pushes/pulls very strongly to reach its optimum length, resulting in strong spring-like tendencies.
Balloon Goo Fly upwards, which allows the player to lift other objects. Only one connection. Does not push/pull.
Water Goo A translucent ball, able to form single connections to other Goos, and hence form long chains.
Pokey Goo A spiky yellow ball, able to form four connections and, on placement, forms spikes that stick it to the terrain.
Fuse Goo A deformed red ball, forming up to two matchstick-like bonds. Highly flammable and used for chain reactions.
Bone Goo A skull, able to form three bonds and impervious to hazards such as spikes, spinning discs, and flames.
Beauty Ball Goo There are two types of Beauty Ball - 'pretty' (pink) and 'ugly' (yellow). Both are oversized Goo Balls which are broken down by certain surfaces into smaller Beauty Product balls, which can exclusively be sucked into Red Pipes (unlike other Goos, which only go into the Black Pipes).
Plain Goo An eye-less, jet-black Goo which cannot form bonds with other Goos or be moved around by the mouse. In the Information Superhighway chapter, some Plain Goos are a vivid green color.
Digital Goo Seen in the Information Superhighway chapter, square Digital Goos have similar properties to Common Goo, whilst round Digital Goos start off green and cannot be moved, however they can be selected and flung across the level. The round Digital Goos can also be converted into red Digital Goos, which are able to form single bonds when flung into other red Digital Goos. All Digital Goos are flammable.
Block Goo Technically not Goos, Block Goos are parts of the broken-up Information Superhighway and can be stacked atop each other to make towers.
Bomb Goo A goo that explodes when it gets in contact with fire. Used to remove blocking walls.