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Password: 3196

Scrolling shooter segment[edit]

Side scrolling[edit]

The Vazolder-5 was upgraded: a new form is available, as well as a new weapon for the "text adventure" segment (the Hydro-Sonic).

Change (Aerial-form)
It moves faster, and it shoots bouncing lasers.
Unit Alpha
Energy spheres spiral around the Vazolder.
Change (Hover-form)
It can automatically drill through earth.
Change (Tank-form)
The basic form. It conusmes almost no fuel.
It allows to drill through soft earth.

Vertical scrolling[edit]

Dan calls this area "Montol Lake". Maybe this is a mis-rendering for "molten" magma lake?

in the vertical scrolling segments, only the Hover and Aerial forms can be used. In fact, the Tank would sink into the magma.

Text adventure segment[edit]

Talk twice to G-13, once to Locke, and then keep talking to G-13, so that possibility factor rises to 85%. Destroy three parts of the monster, and vistory is yours.

Be careful! Unlike the previous one, this monster uses three different attacks: twisty rocks, foot stomps from above, claws from below.

First dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby G-13, analyze his [its] weak points. +0% +0
Dan Find his [its] weak point. +0% -1
Locke That's Anrock, a bio-geo monster. +0% +1
Mike Is this analyzing robot broken? +0% -2
G-13 Computing. +5% +1
Second dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby If its whole body is made of ore... +0% +0
Dan Find his [its] weak point. +0% +0
Locke Find its fracture point. +0% +0
Mike Have you tried using the Hydro-Sonic? +0% +0
G-13 Computing monster fracture point. +60% +2
Third dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby We're getting beat. Locke, do something! +0% +0
Dan It is going to take some time. +0% +0
Locke Computing complete. Aim for the navel. -5% +2
Mike You worthless robot! Hurry up! +0% +0
G-13 Computing. +0% +1
Fourth dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby Where is the monster's navel? +0% +2
Dan Moby, aim for the middle of its forehead. +0% +0
Locke The center of his [its] body is his [its] head. +0% +0
Mike The Electro-Gatling gun has more power. +0% +2
G-13 Shoot his [its] navel. +5% +0

Platform segment[edit]

Wurm-Vazolder map Act2-3.png

Moby leaves the Vazolder and finds a red crystal.

  • Question: what or where is "Persidor"?

Walk in the ruins until you find the carved stone tablet, then jump in the next pit.

Drop down to floor −3. There is a minor bug: when Moby jumps into the pit on floor −2, she will appear below the second pit on floor −3; this is a nice little shortcut.

Jump up through the pit above the stairs, walk left, jump up to the next floor, go down and jump down. Eventually, Moby will meet the princess of Dinamur, Diane. Walk back along the same floor, and jump down into the first pit.

Walk into the door, and it will open. Fight Zolda for the second time, then Diane will join Moby's crew.