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Password: 1719

Scrolling shooter segment[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

During the previous act, the Nonmaltas stole the Vazolder-5, with all the upgrades from the VZR-2 and VZR-3.

Now, the Vazolder-4 has different weapons than the VZR-5: the unit Gamma (scrolling segment) and the Hyper-Sight (text adventure segment).

Change (Hover-form)
It can automatically drill through earth.
Unit Gamma
Shoots six homing spheres.
Change (Tank-form)
The basic form. It conusmes almost no fuel.
It allows to drill through soft earth.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

Another side-scrolling shooting area. The Unit Gamma might be confusing when trying to dodge similar enemy projectiles.

Text adventure segment[edit | edit source]

696 miles = 1120 km.

Talk to the crew in this order: Allan, Sylvia, Diane, then alternate Allan and Sylvia until the Possibility is 74%. Eventually, use the eighth and last action to select the Hyper-Sight.

First dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby ... +0% +0
Dan Increase possibility factor to 100%. +0% +0
Davis Find his weak point. +0% +0
Sylvia Allan may know something. +0% -1
G-13 According to computation, it is a bionic monster. +0% -1
Diane The same monsters were used to conquer the underworld. +5% -2
Allan It is a creation of their laboratory. +10% +1
Second dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby That monster has sad eyes. I wnder why? +0% +0
Dan It is Bandal, the bionic monster. +0% +0
Davis Does that monster have the brain of an underworlder? +0% +0
Sylvia They call the monster Bandal. +10% +0
G-13 The brain is controlled mechanically. +10% -1
Diane The underworld has succeeded in creating a prototype. +0% +1
Allan But... To use a human brain for such a thing... -5% +2
Third dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby Increase possibility factor to 100%. +0% +2
Dan G-13! Find his [its] weak point, quick! +0% +0
Davis Everything has a weak point. +0% +0
Sylvia I wonder what that protector in its right shoulder is... +0% +0
G-13 The protector covers the nerve connector. +0% +0
Diane We need to destroy the nerve protector. +50% +2
Allan At this rate we'll be defeated. +0% +0
Fourth dialogue
Character Line P% Life
Moby ... -1% +0
Dan Is that the nerve connector on its right shoulder? +0% +0
Davis Is that the nerve connector on its right shoulder? +0% +0
Sylvia Check your life meter and possibilities. +1% +0
G-13 Does not compute. +0% +0
Diane Don't give up. +0% +2
Allan Has his [its] nerve connector illuminated yet? +1% +0

Platform segment[edit | edit source]

Moby finds the yellow Dyna Crystal, but the other three were taken by the Nonmaltas.

Jump over the first pit, and stay on this floor. Otherwise, you will eventually reach a closed door, and Moby will have to backtrack all the way back.

On the first floor, you will meet and fight Icamod for the second time. After the battle, the door behind Icamod can be opened.

Keep walking to the end of the same floor, where Moby's father is kept prisoner. Walk back and jump in the first pit you see. A carved stone tablet can be found there.

Drop down to the third floor. The door there can be opened only if Moby spoke to her father (another door to the left can be opened only after reading the stone tablet). Walk right to reach Ziggy's now dead body.

Moby's father joins the crew. His name is Banda.