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Gamepad Keyboard Action
L button Shift Sprint
Left lstick A Walk Left
Right lstick D Walk Right
Up lstick W Walk Up
Down lstick S Walk Down
Left rstick Look Left
Right rstick Look Right
Up rstick  ↑  Look Up
Down rstick  ↓  Look Down
A button E or PC Mouse Left Click.png Interact A
X button R Interact B
B button Esc Back
Not Bound V Voice
Up dpad Z Attachment Primary
R button X Attachment Secondary
RT button PC Mouse Left Click.png Attachment Fire
RT button PC Mouse Right Click.png Camera Zoom
Left dpad ` Cycle Target
X button R Toggle Control
Down dpad T Toggle Stabilization
RB button + Select Next Attachment
LB button - Select Previous Attachment
Back button Tab Vehicle Map Overlay
Y button F Help
Start button P Pause