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Carrier Command 2 saves its files as XML files that can be easily edited using Notepad (Notepad++ is recommended for ease of use). You can thus edit your save file to give yourself free items and thus a leg up on the AI if it proves to be too challenging.

Finding Your Save File[edit]

Your save file can be found in the Roaming folder in Windows. It can be usually found in the following path:

%APPDATA%\Carrier Command 2\saved_games

Ensure you save a copy of your save file before proceeding, should you accidentally mess something up.

You will then need to identify which folder contains your save data. If you only have one save it is typically located in the folder "slot_0", however if you have multiple saves you can find which slot your save is in by opening the file:

The file "persistent_data.xml" as seen in Notepad++
%APPDATA%\Carrier Command 2\persistent_data.xml

Editing Your Carrier Inventory[edit]

Each warehouse island and carrier has its own inventory, including the AI (which technically has a completely empty inventory).

Search for the string item_quantities using your text editor. You may find the text <item_quantities size="51">. This is NOT where your items are stored, and continue searching.

You will have gotten close when you search for the term item_quantities and find a very odd-looking set of parameters:

CC2 XMLEscape.png

While promising, this is NOT your carrier's inventory as all its values are set to zero. This is the AI's carrier.

Your carrier will have actual values, as shown below:

CC2 XMLEscape2.png

The values indicate how many of each item you have. By altering these numbers, you can give yourself free items you normally wouldn't have access to.

However, from the items list, there is no distinction telling which item is which. Instead, you will need to refer to this list of items and find which number to edit:

  1. 30mm Ammo
  2. Seal
  3. Walrus
  4. Bear
  5. Albatross
  6. Manta
  7. Razorbill
  8. Petrel
  9. !!NO ITEM!!
  10. 30mm Turret
  11. Aircraft Chaingun
  12. Rocket Pod
  13. Turret (CIWS)
  14. Turret (IR Missile)
  15. Bomb (Light)
  16. Bomb (Medium)
  17. Bomb (Heavy)
  18. Missiles (IR)
  19. Missiles (Laser)
  20. Missiles (Air)
  21. Actuated Camera
  22. !!NO ITEM!!
  23. Gimbal Camera
  24. Observation Camera
  25. Radar (AWACS)
  26. Fuel Tank (Aircraft)
  27. Flare Launcher
  28. Battle Cannon
  29. Artillery Gun
  30. Cruise Missile
  31. Rocket
  32. Flares
  33. Ammo (20mm)
  34. Ammo (100mm)
  35. Ammo (120mm Shell)
  36. Ammo (160mm Shell)
  37. Fuel
  38. Torpedo
  39. TV-Guided Missile
  40. Torpedo (Noise)
  41. Torpedo (Countermeasure)
  42. Radar
  43. Sonic Pulse Generator
  44. Smoke Launcher (Stream)
  45. Smoke Launcher (Explosive)
  46. Ammo (Sonic Pulse)
  47. Ammo (Smoke)
  48. Turret (40mm)
  49. Ammo (40mm)
  50. Heavy Cannon
  51. Virus Modules
  52. !!NO ITEM!!
  53. !!NO ITEM!!
  54. !!NO ITEM!!
  55. !!NO ITEM!!
  56. !!NO ITEM!!
  57. !!NO ITEM!!
  58. !!NO ITEM!!
  59. !!NO ITEM!!
  60. Mule
  61. Deployable droid

Therefore, to give yourself four free bears, simply increase the fourth number from the top, as so:

CC2 XMLEdit.png

Team Colour Changing[edit]

It is also possible to change the colour of your vehicles and carrier by editing your save.

Follow the procedure above to locate your save file, then search for the term pattern_index. If you are the host, or the player in a single player game, your Team ID is 1. Changing the pattern_index value changes the colour of your vehicles and your carrier.

This procedure will not change the colour of your icons on the map screen, which as of now remain fixed.

Team ID Map Colour Pattern Number Pattern Colour Notes
1 Blue 5 Light Blue Human team/Team 1 (multiplayer)
0 Red 6 Black Neutral islands
3 Yellow 7 Grey Multiplayer: Team 3 (player)
6 Cyan 8 Dark Blue
7 Dark Blue 9 Gold
8 Orange 10 Purple
2 Gold 11 Pink Multiplayer: Team 2 (ACC Omega in campaign)
5 Pink 12 White
4 Purple 13 Yellow Multiplayer: Team 4
N/A N/A 1 Blue Camo Unused in-game
N/A N/A 2 Brown Camo Unused in-game
N/A N/A 3 Green Camo Unused in-game
N/A N/A 4 Grey Camo Unused in-game