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Go to the shop in Shanoah and talk. A girl (Eris) will appear and notice your pendant (the Teardrop). Here's a diagram of the conversation:

Eris mentions the pendant.
Tell her about it?
Yes No
Give it to her? Tell her where you found it?
Yes No Yes No
Give it to her?
Yes No
20 gold: good ending Teardrop: bad ending 20 gold: good ending Teardrop: bad ending She leaves sadly: scenario cancelled

Obviously you want to end up with the good ending, so make sure you give her the pendant.

Check around inside Lambar's hut; there's nothing there, of course, but you really do need to examine everything to proceed. Now head north. Remember the right-hand path, which was blocked back in Death-Creature? This time you can jump over the blockade, and, if you head north, you can almost be drowned. Fortunately a chap called Rokifel (Meryl's brother) will show up just in time. Now head back round to the cave and go in. Head up to the hole where you found the Teardrop. You may have to fight some Bloodsuckers on the way. As you approach, you should hear a terrible scream; if you don't, go round looking at things and coming back here until you do. Go and find out who it was: Eris, who is lying below the hole. Talk to her. You'll leave her in the bed in the hut; now go back to the marsh where you met Rokifel. Guess who's waiting?

The Death-Creature will run away, however, and you can't follow it over the poisonous water. So return to the hut; Eris is no longer alone. Fortunately the other occupant of the hut is McStarr, a knight from Reynard Castle. He'll ask whether you'll accompany him. If you choose to, he'll join your party. There's no reason not to, since you can't proceed without him.

Now show him the marsh, then the hole. Return to the hut for a ladder. You'll find Eris missing instead. Examine her bed, then hurry to the marsh. When you regain control, with Eris "safely" back in the town, head back to the hole in the cave. Use the ladder to climb up to it.

Now, in this room there's a door and some complex machinery. The machinery controls the marsh not the door. Leave the right-hand room alone. Examine the valve in the left-hand room, then turn it; the tank should ring when you strike it. That drains the marsh, so head back there and enter the room this reveals.

Climb the stairs. Turn the handle to fill the pool, then swim round to the other tank and turn the handle on this one too. Finally, swim back to the right-hand side and empty the pool again. Now return to the tank in the cave and turn the left-hand valve again (the tank should go "thud" when you strike it). Now when you return to the marsh the water will be clean, and you can swim across to where the Death-Creature disappeared earlier. Examine the grass at the north end of the bank to reveal another hole, and crawl in.

Have a look around inside. Examine the crystal ball twice, then the books three times, then walk down to the slightly raised panel in the floor north of the entrance. Examine it three times to open it and pull the handle; this will open that door back in the cave.

Through this door you'll arrive at a fork in a beautifully decorated passage. The right-hand branch leads to a locked door, so head left, up the stairs, and through the doorway at the top. Of course you'll have to deal with those suits of armour first; they're actually Undead Knights.

When you regain control, pull the lever to your right, then head back down to the fork, up the right path, and through the now-open door. Ignore Kane and Eris, and head back after the sorcerer and the Death-Creature. There'll be a short scene, and then you'll face the sorcerer in a new form: the Vampire.

This is "Vampire (1)" in the monster list. As you can see he's barely tougher than those Undead Knights you polished off earlier, so don't let the change in music bother you. Oh, and don't bother using magic on him; there isn't any that hurts him. Just get in close and hit him until he drops.

Now head back south to end the scenario. If you got the better ending (2400 experience), you can talk to McStarr in Centoria Park for a postscript. If you enter the Sealed Cave after this scenario and check the list of names by the save point, you'll notice that one has been added: Rokifel's.