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There are quite a few silly or strange things hidden within Radiata Stories. They do not effect gameplay and are simply hidden within the game for fun.

People Watching[edit]

One of the most amazing things about this game is the attention to detail for the NPCs. When in town time progresses and the people within wander about their lives. Every NPC will be in a specific location at any given time and they tend to say different things depending on the time and location. There are 2 good ways of going people watching

  • Follow a specific individual. Some people move around and do more than others.
  • Find an interesting area like the church or one of the shops and watch who comes by as time passes.

Note: Many characters can only be recruited once they are at a specific location. Casually stalking people is an effective way to figure out how to recruit a lot of characters.

Disappearing Characters[edit]

There are only 3 characters that you can not follow all day: Flau, Godwin, and Eon. This is because they can do things you can't. But, if you are in the right place at the right time, you can see what they do and why they disappear.


Godwin transports himself into the castle every morning around 9am, and back to the city at around 11. He transports himself to Morfin's clinic around noon, and then to the Olacion Order area around 2pm.

Perhaps that is why Miranda is always running around trying to find Godwin.


Flau is even more interesting. She will be walking along, and suddenly jump over a fence, bridge, or wall and out of sight. If you are lucky, you might also see her jumping over a fence or something onto a path. If you get bored, and are waiting for some later time to recruit somebody, walk along side her and watch her.


Eon does the same thing as Flau. If you are lucky you might catch sight of him disappearing from a jump over a wall or house or even off a stairway.

Picture Taken[edit]

If you go through the Goblin City towards the bridge to Fire Mountain, you will find one of those plywood figures with a cut-out where people can stand behind and get their picture taken. You can get your picture taken here, too.

Doors and Stairs[edit]

  • Some doors will never open. Others will only open at certain times.
  • And still others will sometimes have the occupant talk to you in the doorway. Sometimes you will find treasures behind a door or up a set of stairs.

Signs and Posters[edit]

Read the posters that are placed on the various walls of the city. As the game progressed some will change.

  • For example, near Lupus Gate is a poster for the Olacion Order. When you start recruiting Lulu's cat, the poster will say that her cat is missing. If you look after you have returned it, the poster has changed.
  • If you read a sign just behind where Lily hangs out near the entrance to the Beast Pit, you will see some entrance exam math scores.

Bathroom Humor[edit]

Following people into the bathroom can yield some interesting (and funny) results. You won't see anything X-rated, but you will encounter some "bathroom humor".

  • Some men wash their hands after going, while others don't.
  • When you are in the castle, try going into the women's bathroom in the castle. It's near the south entrance.
  • In the Castle, early on, you can see a set of lockers in one of the lower levels. Kick the one on the left to get a humorous message.