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One of the reasons you want to recruit characters is so that you can learn their skills. If you link with a character that has a skill that you don't currently have, then after some number of links you will learn that skill. Once you have learned the skill, you need to fight with it equipped some number of times in order to level up the skill. Leveling up doesn't require links, any fights will do. You can go down to the sewers under Theater Vancoor to get into a lot of easy fights. This is useful since the character you are trying to learn the skill from is probably a low level character. Since the monsters in that area stay fairly weak, the low level characters have a better chance to survive a fight. You can fill your party with characters having skills that you don't know yet, then equip yourself with Auto Cure and link your party together for each fight until you have learned the skills. Some skills are learned faster than others, so if you are in the sewers under Theater Vancoor, you can go to the first floor and swap out the skill you learned for another skill. You can keep this up until you learn all the available skills, or you run out of monsters in the basement. Remember that there are times when you don't want to go back to your house to sleep to force a new day.

Useful Skills[edit]

  • Auto Cure
You can learn this skill from Kain or Genius
When you start a new game (other than the first time), equip this skill and you will almost never get killed. You will be able to go into the dwarf caves on your own when a knight, and duel all the characters in Earth Valley.
When you set up your initial party, use links a lot with auto cure equipped so that each character keeps getting healed. This will let you level up your characters without having to spend a lot of time explicitly healing them.
  • Absorb HP
You can learn this skill from Donkey and Valkyrie.
This skill heals you a percentage of the damage you do to the enemy. If you keep hitting fast enough and hard enough, you won't need healing very often.
  • Tri-Emblem
After you have completed the game and beat the Ethereal Queen, you learn this skill. It boosts all your parameters, and if you use links, it will boost your party's stats too.
If you don't have this skill, you can use King of Day or King of Night, as long as you remember to switch them when the time changes.
  • Full Power
You can learn this from Gruel, Fernando, Galvados,or Sebastian
Equip this skill just before you use your volty attack. It increases the damage. For stronger bosses, you might want to use Save Volty instead.
  • Save Volty
You can learn this from Curtis or Gobrey
Your volty attack won't use up all of your volty meter. Equip this skill just before you use your volty attack on a very powerful boss that will require multiple volty attacks. That way, you will be able to launch your next volty attack in less time than normal. You probably only want to use this for weaker bosses, if you have another boss fight coming up soon.
  • Fierce Defense
You can learn this from Edgar, Interlude, Leban, Leona, or Wal.
This skill will reduce the damage you take when you are blocking. It will not prevent any damage from volty blasts.
  • Status Cure
You can learn this from Ardoph, Flora, Morfinn, or Rika
This reduces the amount of time that you are inflicted with any status ailment. You might want to use "Stop Afflictions" to reduce the chances of getting afflicted, but if that doesn't work, you may not be able to switch to "Status Cure", which is why I tend to use this rather than the other.
  • 100t Body
You can learn this from David, Gabe, Jill, or Walter
This reduces the chances of you being knocked down. It will allow you to continue to attack rather than keep getting back up and attacking again. You probably want to instruct your healer to concentrate on you if you do this.
  • King of Day / Night
You can learn King of the Day from Elwen, and King of the Night from Nyx or Gawain
These skills increases your stats during the specified time period. If you don't have Tri-Element, then these are the ones you want to use. Just remember to switch to the other skill when the time changes.
If you need to attack a character that has one of these skills, it is a good idea to time it so that you fight them when their skill isn't in effect. (Fight Elwen at night, and Nyx during the day.)

There are lots of other skills, and you might prefer some others, depending on your fighting style.