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  • Deliver a Letter
You will be asked to deliver a letter to the leader of the Light Elves. You will be told to meet with Genius, who is on the way there. Genius will be in your party, but you can't recruit him until much later on the human path.
Talk to Ganz when he is standing near the cellar in the Dark Elf village to get some money. Talk to Chatt, and answer "Rich", "No way!", "Master Chef", and "Veggie Soup".
Most of the elves are magic casters, so when dueling them, keep hitting them so they can't cast their spells. A few fight like monks, so be prepared for a good battle from them. You can't recruit anyone at this point in the game, so don't bother trying.
This is also the mission that causes you to get fired from the Knights and sets up the plot for the split later in the game.

Once you get back from your first mission, you can explore the castle kicking things to find items, but the most important ones are the Knight Edge in the locker near the training area, and the strength berry at the end of "The Path of the Spider" in the sub-basement of the castle. Don't forget to kick everyone in sight so you can level up by dueling people. Even characters you think won't be much of a challenge can be a surprise. If you kick one of the little kids in the castle, they will call some guards to fight you. (See if you can find the ghost.)

At some point after your second mission, when you leave your room you will run into Al, who is acting strange. Follow him west and down the stairs to the next door. (These are the same stairs that lead to the Path of the Spider). Go into the dungeon for a cut scene, you can then leave. Before you progress the game, visit the store room (item shop) to get another solo mission.

When you get strong or bored enough, sleep in your room to progress the game. This is a normal way to progress this game. If it doesn't work, try sleeping again. Some things take several days before they trigger.