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Radiata Stories begins with a cutscene of Jack's father fighting the water dragon in a flashback. This is followed by his sister Adele waking him up to prepare for the knight selection trials that will be later today. They have been training for this day. She gives him their father's sword, Arbitrator, before he leaves.

The Royal Radiata Knight Selection Trials[edit]

Initial inventory
Items Equipment Important
  • Herb Extract X2
  • Cure Drop
  • Flee Ball
  • Analysis Ball
  • Iron Edge
  • Handmade Tunic
  • Skill Upper
  • Luck Bracelet
  • Blue Orb
  • Arbitrator

Jack arrives at Radiata castle for the knight selection trials just in time. He arrives and inspects the list of combatants as the first round is underway.

His first opponent is Ridley Silverlake, the only girl that is participating in the trial today. Jack finds it impossible to take his opponent seriously due to this.

The beginning of the battle will be the first time you have full control over Jack. It is an unwinable battle but is also a good chance to get a feel for how battle works in the game. Because of this do not use any of your expendable items. If the Analysis Ball is used the only information it will reveal is that Ridley is level 4 compared to Jack's being level 1. If you put up enough of a fight, you will see her use her volty command. The best way to fight her is to stay constantly moving and only attacking her from the side immediately after she has already begun her own attack animation. Even at full hit points Ridley's Wild Pitch volty command will be enough to knock you out with about 92 damage.

After losing the match Jack passes out and wakes up in the waiting room for the combatants. A guard arrives and summons everyone to the Colosseum to hear the results of the trial. Before leaving he learns from Sebastian that Ridley has been training to be a knight since a very young age. Once out in the Colosseum Larks and Junzaburo can be seen talking about accepting an additional knight. After announcing Ridley as the winner of the Royal Radiata Knight Selection Trials Junzaburo announces that Jack will also become one of the new knights. Despite not winning he was chosen for his potential. They are now a part of the Rose Crochon (French for Pink Pig) Squad with Ganz Rothchild in command.

Finally a knight[edit]

Item locations
Given Kick
  • Trainee's Wear
  • Royal Knight Charter
  • Analysis Ball
  • 10 money
  • Cure Drop

Al the castle steward leads Jack to the room in the castle he will be staying in. Upon arriving he meets the room leader Leonard. For now they are stuck as room mates. Once inside the room Jack will put on his new armor and given an overview on Save flags.

Now that you are in control of Jack talk with Leonard and kick everything in the room. There should be a few useful things hidden in there. It will be a while before you have the chance to save again so visit the save flag before leaving the room.

Basement 1st Floor[edit]

Item locations
Kick Storage Room
  • Analysis Ball
  • 10 money
  • Cure Drop
  • Cure Needle
  • Herb Extract
  • Knight Edge
  • 1 money loop

After leaving the Trainee's Room you need to go to the 3rd floor for a meeting with your new team mates. If you try to wander somewhere else, Jack will remind you. Another good habit to get into is to press R1 button to look at the map. It will show you where you are, where any save points might be, as well as a swirl to indicate your destination. If you are in a building or dungeon, you can use the Up dpad and Down dpad buttons to see the other floors. The map is very handy, but it seems to be a bit off. If you compare your location on the map with your location in the world, there seems to be some differences. There are numerous other rooms you can explore while on the way to the meeting room. There are some good items hidden everywhere so you should explore the castle before entering the meeting room on the 3rd floor.

If you kick the Heavy Guardsman that is posted beside your room door he will give you a money. It is possible to continually do this. There is another Trainee's Room to the left of yours in this hall. If you kick around in there you might find more common items.

Traveling to the left will lead to a dead end and a Storage Room that might cave some common items. Traveling to the far right will bring you to the Colosseum area. In the hallway leading to the Training Facility will be a Storage Room. If you can push back to the locker in the back right corner it will have a Knight Edge inside. Backtrack to the Radiata Small Tower and go up to the 2nd floor. For now Floor 1 is blocked off for you.

Radiata 2nd Floor[edit]

Item locations
Kick Ridley's Room
  • 5 money
  • Holy Water
  • Ridley's Theme

The first thing you will encounter is the stairs leading to the 3rd floor. The 2 rooms on this floor have important items in them so put off going upstairs for now. The first door you reach going left is Ridley's room. It is drastically different than yours. Kick around and you should be able to find a few items.

To the left of her room is an item shop run by Theresa. It may be a good idea to pick up a few extra Herb Extracts for your upcoming mission. If you prefer restorative items and want more than 1 go back downstairs and kick the guard by your room for a while.

Product Name Price
Herb Extract 50
Cure Drop 70
Cure Needle 60
Eye Drops 60
Mint Drop 50
Flee Ball 60

After shopping backtrack to the staircase at the beginning of the floor and go upstairs.

Radiata 3rd floor[edit]

Item locations
Kick Ganz's Room
  • Cure Drop
  • Ganz's Theme
  • 15 money

To the left is a few rooms. Go there first to get Ganz's Theme and find some common items in Natalie's Room. When you go right through the door beside the stairs you used to go up the next room you reach will be to the meeting. There is nothing else you can explore this way. Once you have finished exploring enter the meeting room.

When you get to the meeting room, another set of cut scenes will take over. The Rose Crochon Brigade is now ready for their first mission. They must protect a Dwarf and his cargo so it can reach Radiata. After the meeting Ganz takes Jack to the side for some 1 on 1 combat training. This is the only time you will have access to the combat basics tutorial.


Later in the game, Ganz and Ridley will at times be able to appear in your party. Often their participation will be required. Later in the game their availability as team members will vary. Both of them will be unavailable to fight during the final battle. The final battle can be very difficult if your play style normally heavily relies on either of them. During end game preparations for the final battle it is important to prepare a team that doesn't rely on either Riley or Ganz.