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Each villain has a different set of traits that must be used to identify the current thief you are tracking. These clues are given during the chase while questioning an eyewitness and are usually added as a second sentence after a location clue. For a list of the clues given, see the list of clues.

Name Gender Hair Food Sport Hobby Music
Heidi Gosikh female blond Southern hockey auto repair country
Venus Pencil female blond Southern hockey auto repair opera
Brenda & Cobina Vanderbilt female red Creole football spelunking country
Wendy Pauper female red Creole football gambling rock
B. B. D. O'Brien female brown seafood baseball spelunking classic
Polly Esther Fabrique female brown seafood baseball fortunes opera
Gypsy Rose Lasagna female black Tex-Mex basketball fortunes rock
Carmen Sandiego female black Tex-Mex basketball gambling classic
Name Gender Hair Food Sport Hobby Music
Mylar Naugahyde male blond Southern baseball gambling opera
Sheriff Paul Drive male blond Creole baseball auto repair country
Sven Galli male red Tex-Mex hockey fortunes rock
Titus Canby male red seafood football spelunking classic
Alexander Graham Edison male brown Southern basketball auto repair opera
Ken Hartley Reed male brown seafood basketball spelunking classic
Benjamin Hana male black Creole hockey gambling country
Karl La Fong male black Tex-Mex football fortunes rock