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Act of Aggression
Box artwork for Act of Aggression.
Developer(s)Eugen Systems
Publisher(s)Focus Interactive
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
TwitchAct of Aggression Channel

Act of Aggression is a real time strategy game produced by Eugen and published by Focus Interactive. It is a real-time strategy game hailing from the Golden Era of RTS with a few modern twists.

It plays similarly to older real time strategy games, though on larger scale battlefields than its contemporaries. The game follows the United Nations-backed Chimera task force as they ally with the USA and fight a mysterious enemy called the Cartel.

Intended to be a throwback to the golden age of RTSes, the game has had a number of difficulties attracting its intended audience. Critics have cited difficult unit control, a poor single player campaign, high price point, and lack of tutorial to make it a difficult game to understand. It has often been compared to Command & Conquer Generals.

Resource management and aircraft handle considerably differently than other similar games. It has more in common in this regard to Eugen's other games, the Wargame series.

Unlike Wargame: Red Dragon, Act of Aggression has been stated to not support naval units.

For additional information on Act of Aggression's differing features, see the Getting Started page.

Future Updates[edit]

It has been stated here that a "much different version of the game" is currently being worked at, but no further details are available yet.

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