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The following tips are shown in the game's loading screens.


  • In multiplayer, you can transfer resources to your teammates by ordering your tankers to drop-off their load in their buildings.
  • There is both an option in the gameplay menu and an in-game key that forces your ground units to move at the pace of the slowest unit.
  • You can move again or cancel a building's construction ghost after you've placed it.
  • You can give a unit successive move orders: Keep « SHIFT » pressed while giving move orders (right click).
  • There are 3 types of resources: oil, aluminum, & rare earth elements. The last one is only useful in late game, and requires dedicated researches. In early game, focus on the former ones.
  • Not all buildings require power, some might even be able to store it. But in any case, a building suffering power failure won't run.
  • Stealth units are only revealed when they open fire or enter the field of vision of recon units.
  • All planes are not visible on your radar over the same distance. Some are very stealthy, others not at all.
  • Planes will fly over the battlefield as long as they have fuel or ammo. However, you can give them the order to evacuate manually before that.
  • In every game, resources are distributed randomly. But they remain even and symmetrical for each player. Which means you can guess the position of enemy resource fields from the position of yours.
  • You can order the production of units even if you don't have the required resources. This allows for easier planning, but forces you to regularly check if you aren't being too much of a resource-guzzler.
  • There are always oil and aluminum fields near your starting location.
  • If you are in dire need of cash, you can sell your tankers.
  • Capture prisoners of war to earn $. Even better: if you have a prison or a hospital, any POWs will be secured there and will bring in $ over time.
  • To set an exit point from a building, select it and right click on the map. It works the same way for your factories or to exit a group of soldiers from a building (key « U »).
  • You can bring stranded crew back to your base, which will earn you $. With the proper unit, you can also heal wounded soldiers so they can resume fighting. If you don't, the enemy will capture them and cash them in.
  • Each faction has a unique way to repair buildings: Repair Drones for Cartel, Logistic Center for the US Army and Outpost Upgrade for Chimera.
  • Each faction has one dedicated building for storing rare earth.
  • Oil is a resource which doesn't need to be stored but is immediately converted into $. On the other hand, aluminum and rare earth elements must be stored before being used up.

General Tactics[edit]

  • Do not underestimate the fighting capacities of recon units that are produced in the HQ. They might just save you on the day that your base is attacked by surprise.
  • There's always a bank near your starting location. Don't forget to secure it quickly
  • Riflemen have the ability to capture enemy buildings, but only [sic] field defenses. It is often a good way of securing a position that is insufficiently defended or too exposed.
  • Tactical weapons are very powerful but expensive, and can be easily countered. Do not focus on that sole strategy - combine it with attacks from the ground or air.
  • Each faction has one building enabling it to expand its base's limits, as well as its storage capacity.
  • Some helicopters can transport vehicles, which can transport infantry units. Remember this when you're planning a long range raid or an attack behind enemy lines.
  • If your tankers have too long a distance to travel to bring resources back to your HQ, do not hesitate to build a FOB (US) or Outpost (Chimera) nearby. You'll decrease the chances of interception and will dispose of your resources quicker.
  • Pre-emptively destroying a player's power supply is often the best way of ensuring a super weapon will hit its target.
  • Repair and healing units are inestimable in combat, but remember to keep them behind the troops that are at the front line or they will be targeted first.
  • Fighter jets often aren't very effective against enemy helicopters; you should favor SAM & AAA units above all others to counter them.
  • In late game, each faction has a way to produce resources (oil, aluminum & rare earth) indefinitely. Try to anticipate running out of resources before you do.
  • Some soldiers are more efficient than others at fighting inside a building. You should send riflemen in to assault them.
  • Do not underestimate the ability artillery units have to fire smoke rounds to blind the enemy: it will enable your infantry to assault buildings more easily or get through open fields without being harmed.
  • Ground vehicles can't pass cliffs. Infantry can!
  • If you can't capture a bank from the enemy, destroy it!
  • You can speed up resource exploitation by increasing the number of tankers attached to a refinery. The most efficient number of tankers per refinery depends on the distance between the latter and its drop-off point.
  • Anti-tactical weapon systems work as an umbrella, not a shield; do not hope to intercept tactical weapons while they are airbourne, your defense system will only intercept them on a vertical line over its position, covering itself and nearby buildings or u [sic (units?)]
  • Many vehicles armed with fast-firing cannons have the ability, either naturally or after being upgraded, to intercept enemy missiles.
  • Artillery units are clearly the most powerful units when it comes to destroying enemy buildings. But remember you can still wreak havoc with a pack of regular units.
  • Defensive positions can rarely beat off an enemy offensive by themselves, merely delay it; always keep a quick reaction force to counter-attack or fill the gaps.
  • Infantry entrenched in a building is [sic] much more resilient than out in the open.
  • Each faction has the ability to exchange prisoners for aluminum or oil resources. Adjust your late game's strategy according to these options.

Faction Specific Tips[edit]

  • US Army's MG Nest is not the most powerful defense turret, but it may be upgraded for both anti-tank & anti-aircraft duty, and be built anywhere on the map. It is also an excellent way to delay enemy forces or harass enemy lines of supply.
  • Do not overlook the economic research available in the US Logistics Center; in the long run, it can make a huge difference compared to the other factions.
  • Chimera's tankers can be upgraded with heavier armor and an autocannon, which can make a huge difference when they are attacked by a light enemy force.
  • Without both its research centers, Chimera units will remain weak and lack versatility.
  • Chimera's refinery is the only one able, through research, to drill two deposits at a time.
  • Chimera's anti tactical weapon system is a vehicle, the Antey 2500. It can move with other units and protect them from tactical weapons. But it remains very fragile.
  • Cartel's artillery turret is powerful, but generates an explosion damaging nearby units and buildings when destroyed.
  • Cartel's airborne tankers are fast and hard to intercept. But they are also very fragile and can't fend for themselves.
  • Once upgraded, Cartel's Barracks can be built anywhere on the map. Always be careful: the enemy is often behind you!